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To Be or Not to Be by Destin, age 8

My parents want me to be a doctor so I will make a lot of money so I can buy a house instead of renting an apartment. I don't want to be a doctor because I'm scared blood might spread around my eyes.

My parents would be upset if I became a police officer because I might get shot. I don't want to be a police officer because I might die in one second.

My parents don't want me to be a cook because cooks don't make a lot of money. I don't want to become a cook either. If I become a cook at the restaurant where my dad works I will have to work harder than my mom.

I don't want to be an adult because when I turn into an old man my hair will turn grey.

I want to be a scientist when I grow up because then I will be able to invent anything and I want to learn about Mother Nature. I want to invent machines like a robot sea creature. I will just make a piece of goo and put any battery inside of it. Its goal will be to look for gold under the sea and look for parts of the Titanic.

I also want to be a marine biologist so I can learn about sea creatures. I want to learn how to take care of tropical fish because when you feed human food to fish they might die the next day.

About the Author

My name is Destin. I am eight years old. I live with my mom, dad and sister in San Francisco. I have been to Los Angeles. This is my first published book. I am in third grade. I wonder if turtles like dogs and cats. My biggest fear is Black Widows because they are poisonous. I am good at Kick Ball and Two Square sometimes. I like to play my PS3 and my DSi. My favorite games are Street Fighter four and Soul Calibur four. Someday I want to be good at soccer. If I were a tool I would be a screwdriver because when someone breaks something they will just use me and they will fix whatever they broke. If I were granted a wish I would wish to be a good student and participant in class.

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Apple Explosion by Michelle & Nhung, both age 10

Chapter 1
We have to win

“Oh my god, we got the perfect slime color for the project,” Joanie said standing in the middle of the lab she shared with her sister. “We’re going to be a shoo-in! We might win!”

“Of course we’re going to win,” Cassie said as if she were a master at everything. “We’re rich, beautiful, and smart. Hah to all the scientists out there because I’m the best!” The expression on Cassie’s face was full of rage and power.

“Excuse me,” Joanie said, looking at Cassie with her big eyes.

“Did I say me, I mean we.”

“Yeah you better,” Joanie said, nodding her head. “Oh yeah and Cassie.”

“Yeah,” Cassie said looking at Joanie curiously.

“You’re really weird.” Joanie giggled.

“I know,” Cassie said with confidence.

Cassie and Joanie went to school to sign up for the science contest. They planned to build a giant bomb shaped like an apple. After school, Joanie and Cassie went back to their lab. It was full of blueprints and different creations like the Peace Maker Professor Sally gave them. Cassie stopped, tucked and rolled to a table covered with mechanical experiments and grabbed a bag full of mini time bombs. Joanie set them to go off at five thirty on the day of the science contest. Joanie gently put them into a five-foot tall metal apple.

After five days the two sisters got ready for the Science Contest. Joanie put on a white coat with three red stripes on one sleeve and three blue stripes on the other. There was one black stripe down the middle. Cassie put on a similar white coat. They got into their limo where their chauffer was waiting for them. They strapped the apple to the roof of the car. When they got to the science fair, they pushed the apple through the front door. As Cassie pushed, fireworks were flying everywhere in celebration of the science fair. Cassie pushed the apple to the podium. “What a funny looking project,” one of the judges said. “What is it?”

“Well,” Cassie said staring at the judge’s wrinkly forehead and his eyebrows as big as full-grown caterpillar. “It’s an apple that can give you a filling of grape jelly.”


“For example, you have a donut and you want a filling but you can’t fit this entire apple in your house.”

“Yes, yes” the judge said stroking his freakishly long beard.

“So, all you need to do is by it in stores mini version.”

“That is an excellent idea. if you girls win we will absolutely consider your project as a nice filler.”

“Thank you very much sir.” Cassie about to walk away when she stopped herself and said to the judge, “Oh, and nice beard.”

“Why, thank you oh so much.”

“Oh no problem. I really mean it.”

The judges roamed around and observed the experiments for at least fifteen minutes. Finally the judges tallied up the scores and gave them to the announcer. “We have seen a lot of exellent work today,” the announcer said. “We proudly present, Joanie and Cassie, the new winners of our Fiftieth Annual Science Fair!”

Confetti flew everywhere! The girls received a golden trophy shaped like the earth. There was a ring around it that said, “We Love Science!” People cheered and some of the competitors cried because they lost.

After receiving the trophy, Joanie pushed the announcer and shouted, “Thank you! Thank you all!!” Just before Joanie was about to continue her speech the announcer shoved her.

Chapter 2
Oh No You Didn’t

Everyone gasped as Joanie fell down.

“Why did you do that?” someone from the audience shouted.

“She pushed me first!”

“So it doesn’t mean you have to push her!”

“You’re not the boss of me! I’m the announcer! I could tell the principal on you. He’s upstairs right now listening to Jingle Bell Rock and watching us through the window.”

“Ooh, I like that song,” the person in the audience said. “Would you mind if I go up and... Wait a minute we were just arguing about not to push that little girl up on stage.”

“Hey!” Joanie said with attitude. “I’m not a little girl, I’m a teen girl.”

The argument didn’t last long.

The fair was just about to close when Joanie remembered to inject something into the Apple. She told everyone that they had a surprise then Cassie ran to their toolbox and took out a syringe filled with purple goo. She injected the syringe into the apple. As Cassie walked calmly back to the toolbox, the apple exploded! Purple slime covered everyone and the walls.

“What in the world is going on?” the Principal shouted as a plop of slime dropped atop his gel filled hair. Principal Walker shouted so loud, Cassie dropped the syringe. It broke, leaving a big plop of slime on the floor. The Slime covered Cassie’s new shoes, leaving them sticky and purple.

“Aw man,” Cassie whispered to herself. “These shoes were new but now they’re dirty and old.”

“Stop talking to yourself,” Joanie said, looking back at Cassie. “Nobody cares what you wear as long as you wear something.”
“Oh, Ok,” Cassie said, looking down at her shoes and pretending to model them for a camera.

Joanie looked back at Principal Walker. “It was our science experiment,” she said, walking toward principal Walker. “We didn’t mean to do that.” Joanie glared at Cassie.

“I did nothing of any kind,” Cassie whispered, staring back at Joanie.

“Well, I don’t allow it,” Principle Walker shouted.

“You two will have to clean this mess spotless! I don’t care if you girls have to stay over night, just make sure that this room is clean and neat.”

“Well fine,” Joanie said, looking at the broken pieces. “Besides, I got and idea.”

“OK,” the principal said as if he didn’t care. “Carry on. Come on everybody, let’s leave them alone while we go to the movies.”

“Yeah!” the crowd shouted.

Chapter 3
Another Explosion

Cassie went to the bathroom while Joanie pulled some of the competitors’ inventions off the tables, demolished parts and glued them to a plastic tube she found on the ground. Then she managed to push a vacum cleaner into a bottle she found. She tied a wire to the end of the bottle and attached a red button to the other end. She let the machine dry because it was wet with super glue. A couple of moments later she had finished building a machine. She pressed a button and just like that, the entire mess disappeared. The machine bulged, full of purple slime. After a few seconds of silence, the machine exploded.

“Oh my goodness,” Cassie said returning from the bathroom. “I thought you would clean some of the slime up while I was gone!”

“Well,” Joanie said softly. “I made a machine while you were in the bathroom.”

“No wonder there is a metal rod sticking on the ceiling. And look, there‘s a long tube right next to me.”

Joanie sighed and walked slowly to the janitor’s closet.

Chapter 4
Slime Be Gone

Joanie came smiling back with a mop in one hand and a bucket filled with dirty water in the other. Cassie thought she was going to do something crazy. Joanie set down the bucket and the mop in front of a tree-shaped blob, scooped some of it up, and threw it in the bucket. Joanie used the mop to stir the blob. Cassie looked into the bucket and saw that every time Joanie stirred the slime, the bit of blob sitting on the bottom shrunk. Cassie looked amazed, and sat on a chair to watch the show.

Chapter 5

Cassie dug a Big Chunk candy bar out of her bag while Joanie stayed up working on the mess. Cassie walked to the judge’s chair and fell fast asleep. Joanie got so tired she almost fell on Cassie and almost smashed her candy, but instead she took the Big Chunk out of Cassie’s mouth and said into the judge’s microphone, “Wake up and help me clean up the other half!”

Cassie jumped onto her feet and said “Cassie on duty, ma’am!”

“Well it’s about time. “Joanie took the Big Chunk from the chair and pulled it in half. She sat down to watch Cassie work. “This is so cool.”

Chapter 6
Just in Time

By the time Principal Walker drove into the school parking lot early the next morning, the girls had finished. They put the supplies back in the closet as Principal Walker opened the door.

“Amazing,” Principal Walker said doubtfully. “I never thought you’d be able to finish cleaning this mess.”

“Well,” Cassie said, “two heads are better than one.”

“I did most of the work,” Joanie said.

“OK,” Principal Walker said. He walked over to the Big Chunk wrapper lying on the floor. “You guys forgot-“ A rumble from the closet interrupted Principal Walker. He walked slowly toward it and opened the door.

Chapter 7
This Chapter Is Shocking!

A huge blob of purple slime with green, glowing evil eyes glared down at Principal Walker. The blob was nine feet tall. Yellow dots covered its entire body.

“What is this?” asked Principal Walker.

“Who in the world knows?” Cassie shouted.

“No One!” Joanie said, walking backwards from the growling blob. The monster pushed Principal Walker to the floor and walked out the front door. They ran after it. “It’s gone!” Joanie said, trying to find it. “We’ll have to try to find it in the next book.”

“I’ll come with you,” Principal Walker said, looking down at his slime-covered tuxedo. “This creature will be avenged!”

Chapter 8
Listen Up! We Found out Something and We Need Your Help

Dear, Reader,

This letter is the last chapter and we have important information.

We made the apple and somebody put a tracking device in it for some reason. We figured that out while we were playing a game online. We looked at the bottom of the screen and a tracking detector was blinking. By mistake we threw the slime piece with the tracker into the bucket Joanie said.

We went online to our tracking device center and saw that the slime blob has left town, so we need your help to find it.
His name is Blobber. Blobber is nine feet tall. It has yellow spots all over its back and stomach. If you see it, please do not look into its red eyes or you’ll slowly catch on fire without knowing. Then you’ll ‘accidentally’ walk off the earth’s surface.
If you see him please contact us. Our number is 1123-33345-5566-66645-254-6534. Thanks for listening and thanks for cooperating. Bye and see you in the next book.

Joanie and Cassie

About the Authors

Hi, My name is Michelle. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, my sister, two aunts, my uncle, and my grandma. My favorite outdoor activities are basketball, baseball, and kickball. I’m good at spelling, math, spying, and science. I want to be good at gymnastics, swimming, and racing someday. When I grow up, I want to be a chef, or a musician. If I were a planet, I would be Neptune because Neptune is the god of the body of waters, and controlling water is very unique and very artistic. My biggest fear is my family falling apart. I wonder if all the planets but Earth will ever be sucked into a black hole and spit out covered with life.

Hello, my name is Nhung. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I am good at science, music, and math. I want to be good at reading and grammar someday. When I grow up I want to be a doctor, a dentist, or a lawyer. My biggest fear is dying on a rollercoaster. I wonder if Earth will ever shrink or fall into space without gravity.

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My Name by Betty, age 9

My Chinese name is Shi Fen. My grandpa named me. It means great and beautiful. I think my name is easy to remember and write. My American name is Betty. It means promise. My mom named me when we came to America. She asked me, “Do you like it?” I thought about it and I told my mom I liked the name Betty. I like my name because of the way it sounds.

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Names by Holly, age 10

My American name

My American name is Holly. It’s a kind of tree popular at Christmas. I like my American name bcause I get to be popular at Christmas. My uncle actually chose my name. He chose Holly because it has an H. He told my mom my name stands for Holiday and Holy spirt.

My Vietnamese name

My Vietnamese name is Mylinh. It means bright sun. My mom chose my name because she liked the meaning of it. I like my vietnamese name because it’s popular like my American name. I like having a name that a lot of other people have even though I usually like being different.

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Names by Angela, age 10

My American Name

My American name is Angela. It means Angel or messenger. My dad wanted an “A” name because my Vietnamese name also starts with an A. I like my name because if I’m an Angel, no one can hurt me. But I also don’t like my name because being a messenger includes traveling and I don’t like traveling because I have to pack up my stuff.

My Vietnamese Name

My Vietnamese name is Tran Nhat Anh. It means sunlight or sunshine. My dad gave me this name because he thought this name would fit me best because my dad’s name means red sun and he wanted my name to have something to do with the sun too. I like my name because I go in the sun a lot even though when I look at the sun, I get bad eyesight.

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The Name by Destin, age 8

My American name is Destin. My dad wanted to name me with a letter D. If I had been a girl then my parents would have named me Destiny, but I am a boy, so my parents made the name into a boy-sounding name. My name is funny because people keep on messing up my name all the time. They always call me Dustin and Justin. My Chinese name is Bong Chung. It means a smart reader. My grandpa chose it for me because he wants me to be smart. I like it because I really want to be smart.

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The Missile and the Citizens by Jason & Tommy, both age 10

This "cycle story" is part of a series of Room 2 stories inspired by the Argentinian folktale "The Sun and the Snow."

Missile who blew up our houses,
Why are you evil?
I am not evil.
The launcher is evil who controls me.

Launcher who controls the missile,
Missile who blew up our houses,
Why are you evil?
I am not evil.
The war is evil who puts me to work.

War who puts the launcher to work,
Launcher who controls the missile,
Missile who blew up our houses,
Why are you evil?
I am not evil.
The countries are evil who fight.

Countries who fight,
War who puts the launcher to work,
Launcher who controls the missile,
Missile who blew up our houses,
Why are you evil?
We are not evil,
The politicians are evil who argue.

Politicians who argue,
Countries who fight,
War who put the launcher to work,
Launcher who controls the missile,
Missile who blew up our houses,
Why are you evil?
We are not evil.
The citizens are evil who vote for us.

Citizens who vote for the politicians,
Politicians who argue,
Countries who fight,
War who puts the launcher to work,
Launcher who controls the missile,
Missile who blew up our house,
Why are you evil?
We are not evil,
The missile is evil who blew up our houses.

About the Authors

Hi! My name is Tommy. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, and my brother. I am ten years old. I like to play my XBox360 and I also like to play Runescape. I am good at opening stuff and Mario Kart. When I grow up I wanted to be a scientist because they can do experiments. I like this game called Ninety-Knights. I like to play Ninety-Knights because in the game I am a boy character with a stick that can blast people away like a gun and I also like to play the game call Metal Slug 7. I am also the author of The X Army and many poems.

Hi! My name is Jason. I like to play on my Wii and DSI. I am good at many war games such as Halo, Metal Slug and Call of Duty. When I grow up, I want to be a pharmacist. If I were a machine I would be computer because they are very useful. I am also the author of Curses, Goshi and the Dragon, and Dimension Problem and many poems.

If Eyes Were Lightning by Lisa, age 9

If eyes were lightning,
then fingers would be snow
If marbles were paper,
then oranges would be cardboard
If bombs were tornados,
then glitter would be rain
If Kentucky were fried chicken,
then Maryland would be Candyland
If Alaska were tulips,
then China would be bamboo
If anger were roses,
then calmness would be daisies
And I would pick them
and their petals
would move
like waves

My Name by Lisa, age 9

I was born on February 7, 2000. My mom named me Lisa and it means “god’s promise,” and I imagine the promise was about being good. After I was born, my mom asked the doctor what she should name me and the doctor asked my mom if she liked the name Lisa and she said yes. I like the name Lisa because it represents God and I trust in God. Before I knew the meaning of my name, I liked it because it’s short to say and it’s on all the important papers about me like my birth certificate. It’s my official name. My Chinese name is Hong May Yee. My mom chose this name and it means “beautiful son” even though I’m a daughter. This is a name in China that people name their daughters if they want to have a son next, but that wasn’t the reason my mom chose this name. My mom chose it because she thought it was a simple, cute name and has the word beautiful in it in Chinese. The name Hong May Yee is special to me because it’s similar to my sister’s name.

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If, Then by Sarah, age 9

If clothes were stripes,
then shoes would be scales
If pants were ants,
then jackets would be babies
If oranges were sticks,
then apples would be rocks
If guns were cars,
then knives would be maps
And I would
unfold them carefully
and look at them
with sharp eyes

My Names by Andy, age 9

My American name is Andy. My name means warrior. My mom named me that because it is short and easy to remember. My Chinese name is Liu De Hua. It means “moral china, Chinese.” My mom chose my Chinese name because it is the name of a famous singer in Hong Kong. I think my Chinese name does not fit me because I am the opposite of moral. I mess things up and get in trouble a lot. I like my American name because it means warrior and warriors go to war and I like war because it has violence and enemies.

How to Fry Eggs by Tommy & Jason, both age 10

Step 1: Wash the pan (optional)

Step 2: Put the pan on the stove

Step 3: Open the flame

Step 4: Put olive oil in the pan

Step 5: Spread the oil around by moving the pan

Step 6: Crack as many eggs you want into the pan

Step 7: Shake the pan back and forth a couple of times

Step 8: Add anything little (such as salt, pepper or small peas) and shake again

Step 9: Using a spatula, flip the egg or eggs (After 3 minutes for each side)

Step 8: Close the fire and place the egg or eggs in a dish

Step 9: Enjoy your eggs!

Name by Mimi, age 10

My American Name

My American name is Mimi. It means “star of the sea.” My dad gave me this name beause when I was living in Singapore, my aunt called me “mei mei,” which means younger sister in Chinese. I am younger than my cousins, that’s why my aunt called me “little sister.” But my dad couldn’t say mei mei, he kept on saying Mimi. So my name became Mimi. My name doesn’t fit me because I’m not the younger sister anymore.

My Vietnamese Name

My Vietnamese name is Vu Minh Hanh. It means happiness and kindness. My mom chose that name for me because she liked the meaning and she wants me to be happy and kind. I kind of like my name because I want to be happy and kind.

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Sorry for Nothing by Edmund, age 10

I’m sorry for nothing
Now I have a Wii
So you better be sorry for calling me poor
I’m not sorry for getting you in trouble
I’m not sorry for playing tricks on you
I’m not sorry for lying or for hitting you
because you did that to me

From Edmund

Name by Stanley, age 9

My American name is Stanley. It means “stony meadow.” My dad named me. He chose this name because he liked it. He didn’t tell me why. My Chinese name is Wu Jian Hua. It means a lot of things. It means “healthy, grow up strong, prosperous and rich.” My grandma chose this name because she likes the meaning of it. All these meanings make me think about what I’m going to do when I grow up because I want prosperity and money and strength when I grow up. The “stony meadow” meaning fits too because rocks are hard and strong, and meadows make me think of growing up.

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Short Life by Kimberly, age 10

This "cycle story" is part of a series of Room 2 stories inspired by the Argentinian folktale "The Sun and the Snow."

Life that is so short,
Why are you mean?
I am not mean.
The blood is mean that vanishes.

Blood that vanishes,
Life that is so short,
Why are you mean?
I am not mean.
The veins are mean that are weakening.

Veins that weaken,
Blood that vanishes,
Life that is so short,
Why are you mean?
I am not mean.
The heart is mean that stops pumping.

Heart that stops pumping,
Veins that weaken,
Blood that vanishes,
Life that is so short,
Why are you mean?
I am not mean.
The diseases are mean that destroy me.

Diseases that destroy the heart,
Heart that stops pumping,
Veins that weaken,
Blood that vanishes,
Life that is so short,
Why are mean?
I am not mean.
The people are mean who eat too much junk food.

People who eat too much junk food,
Diseases that destroy the heart,
Heart that stops pumping,
Veins that weaken,
Blood that vanishes,
Life that is so short,
Why are you mean?
We are not mean.
Life is mean that is so short.

About the Author

My name is Kimberly. I live in San Francisco, California. I am ten years old. I like to watch television. My goal this year is to publish one more book so I can finally beat Sandy’s record for publishing books in Room 2. This is my eighth published book. I am also the author of Muni Disaster and Other Stories, Spy Twins, Spy Maser’s Death, Quan who Buys us Dim Sum, Hypnotized, Stink and Ink vs. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Jasion, and the blog post about our class mural I wrote with Holly. Sometimes I wonder why people are different from each other.

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I'm Named after San Francisco by San, age 8

My name is San Ngoc. San means Saint in Spanish. Ngoc is my middle name and Ngoc means pearl. My mom named me San because I was born in San Francisco right after she moved here from Vietnam. She named me after the city. I don’t like my name because it is too short. My Vietnamese nickname is Tit. Tit means “I close my eyes and laugh.” My mom named me Tit because whenever I laugh it looks like I close my eyes, but I am not closing my eyes. I like my Vietnamese nickname because you have to raise your voice at the end of the word when you say it. It sounds strong to me when you raise your voice at the end of the word.

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Ezra Lux by Ezra Lux, age 8

Ezra is my name. It means “strong” in Hebrew. When my parents chose my name the way it worked was my mom and dad each wrote a list of names and whatever names were on both lists would be in consideration for my name, but the only name on both lists was Ezra. My mom wanted to name me Lazlo or Fenris and my dad did not because Fenris is a mythological creature that brought on the apocalypse and he said that wasn’t a kid’s name. I like my name because it’s very unusual and it has a “z” in it. Lux is my last name. My parents didn’t like their own last names (Carter or Hantman) but they did like Lux. My dad found Lux in a Latin dictionary and Lux is Latin for light.

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The Robots' Revenge by Kenny, age 10

Bumpy and Jumpy went for a walk in the rainforest. Bumpy was a yellow dog with electrical powers. Jumpy was a blue dog with a magic bag. In front of them was a hole covered with leaves, but they didn’t see the hole. They stepped on the pile of leaves and fell down like flies running out of energy. Luckily Jumpy had two balloons already blown up. But the balloons were too small to carry them out of the hole. POP! The balloons popped because a leaf dragon dropped some sharp leaves into the hole. Then they fell down.

‘’Ahhhhhhhh!’’ cried Jumpy.

“Wee!’’ barked Bumpy. CRASH!

“Ouch!’’ said Jumpy.

“Boy that was fun!” said Bumpy. “Can we do this again?”

“Never!’’ cried Jumpy. ‘’How about this, if you help me I will give you my Gameboy. But you have to come too.’’

“Okay,’’ said Bumpy.

So they tried to use vines, a jump rope, and a metal ladder from Jumpy’s magic bag. A bear came out of a cave in top of the mountain. The bear bit and bit the vines until they broke. Next, they tried the jump rope but a baby leaf dragon thought the jump rope was food. So it used its sharp teeth to chew it. When it was done, the jump rope broke. Last, they tried the metal ladder. “I hope this works,’’ said Jumpy hopefully. When they put the ladder up, animals came from the trees and attacked the ladder. Some thought it was food, so they bit it. But the ladder was so hard that some of them broke their teeth. “Hooray!’’ said Jumpy.

“Let’s continue on our walk,’’ said Bumpy. When they got to a plain they saw two tents. When they looked inside the first tent, no one was there. Next they looked inside in the second one and went in. Bubble was in there with a cat. The cat’s name was Sharpy. It was yellow. It also had sharp claws.

“Meow (hi),’’ said Sharpy.

“RUN AWAY!!!” screamed Jumpy. His scream almost exploded the whole forest.

“I thought that dogs (or puppies) are not afraid of cats (or kittens),” said Bumpy. Jumpy said nothing. Suddenly the tent was in the sky. There were two robots holding the tent. The two robots shook the tent. That made Bumpy fall down on the ground. Suddenly two robot bosses showed up.

“Thank you for screaming Jumpy,’’ Laughed one boss.

“Look what you have done Jumpy,’’ said Bubble.

“RETREAT!’’ screamed Jumpy.

Instead Bubble pushed a button. The tents turned into tanks. Bumpy, Bubble, and Sharpy went into the first tank. Jumpy went into the second tank. The bosses called their robot army. Their army was made out of robots and with wheels for legs. Bubble threw a bomb and it hit a robot. BOOM! Five robots were destroyed. They looked liked a flat cars. But there were still more robots.

“This is going to be a complicated battle,’’ said Bubble.

About the Author

Hi my name is Kenny, I am ten years old. I’m going to into fifth grade. My favorite TV shows is Yug-i-oh, 5D, Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby and Bakugan. I’m also the author of Bumpy’s Day, Bumpy and the Icebird, and My Mom. This is my fourth published book.

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Names by Ivy, age 11

My American Name

Hi my name is Ivy. I was born in 1998 in San Francisco. My name is really special to me because it means a “climbing vine plant” and I love plants. My mom named me Ivy because it’s easy to say and she sometimes has a hard time saying long English words.

My Chinese Name

My Chinese name is Jing Fang and it means “beauty.” My grandpa chose this name for me because he really likes the meaning. I like both of my names because together they mean “beautiful plant,” and they make me imagine myself as a grown-up. When I grow up I want to be a pharmacist because they can cure peoples’ sickness and I just learned that some drugs are made from plants.

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Writing by Don, age 11

The Swirl Up
By Don

If oil were monsters,
Then radiation would be Bigfoot,
If monkeys were kids,
Then lions would be clowns.
If cars were cartoons,
Then go karts would be movies.
If yogurt were markers,
Then ice cream would be crayons.
If tennis balls were brains,
Then golf clubs would be ears.
If snakes were cupcakes,
Then tigers would be popsicles.
And I would eat them
and they would
like frozen fury.

My American Name

My American name is Don Duy. "Don" means “great chief.” My dad named me that for no reason but it was a great name for me. I like my name because it was the name of a king of Viet Nam. My mom told me that.

My Vietnamese Name

My Vietnamese name is also Don Duy. It means “responsible dragon.” My dad named me this too. He chose this name because I’m like a warm hearted animal or creature who helps citizens or villagers. That would be a good day dream if that had really happened. My parents don’t get along so I don’t see my dad that much even though he named me. I miss my dad and sometimes I feel like one person alone.

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My Name by Anna, age 11

My American Name

Hi my name is Anna. I found out that my name means “joyful and merciful.” A nurse from San Francisco General Hospital named me. My parents liked the name because it was easy to remember. I like my name because it is a palindrome.

My Chinese Name

My chinese name is Fong Mei Na. My grandpa named me. The character for Fong is similar to the character for horse. My great-great grandfather’s last name used to be the character that means horse (ma). He worked for the governor and he was about to get killed so he moved to a far-away place and added two lines to the character for his name and it became the name Fong. This way he changed his identity and this is why I am a Fong. Mei means “have a good life” and “pretty.” Na means “have good things.” So my name means good things and good life and pretty. I was given this name because my grandpa wanted me to have a good life and things. I think I have a good life, but just a little bit because sometimes bad things happen to me.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Stars that Blind Us by Tiana & Ivy, both age 11

This "cycle story" by Tiana and Ivy is the first in a series by Room 2 kids inspired by the Argentinian folktale "The Sun and the Snow."

Stars that blind us,
Why are you heartless?
We are not heartless.
The fog is heartless,
That blocks us.

Fog that blocks the stars,
Stars that blinds us,
Why are you heartless?
I am not heartless,
The blowdrier is heartless,
that blows me away.

Blowdrier that blows away the fog,
Fog that blocks the stars,
Stars that blind us,
Why are you heartless?
I am not heartless.
The blackout is heartless
that turns me off.

Blackout that turns off the blowdrier,
Blowdrier that blows away the fog,
Fog that blocks the stars,
Stars that blind us,
Why are you heartless?
I am not heartless.
The wiring is heartless
that causes the blackout.

Wiring that causes the blackout,
Blackout that turns off the blowdrier,
Blowdrier that blows away the fog,
Fog that blocks the stars,
Stars that blind us,
Why are you heartless?
I am not heartless.
The humans are heartless
who plug in too many things.

Humans who plug in too many things,
Wiring that causes the blackout,
Blackout that turns off the blowdrier,
Blowdrier that blows away the fog,
Fog that blocks the stars,
Stars that blind us,
Why are you heartless?
We are not heartless.
The stars are heartless
That blind us.

About the Authors

Hi my name is Tiana. I’m 11 years old and I live in San Franisico. I live with my three sisters, Mom, Dad, and my grandma. I like to ice skate on the weekends with my friends. I want to be good at art someday. When I grow up I want to be a lawyer. The thing that confuses me most is long words like narcisistic and photosynthesis. I wish that one day everyone in the world would get along with each other and never fight. The first book I wrote was When I Was Lost, second was I Hate My Life You, third was Hua Ying Mei, and I also wrote many poems.

Hi my name is Ivy. I am 11 years old and I live in San Francisco. I live with my Mom, Dad, Brother, my grandma, and grandpa. I like to play on my computer and read books at home. I want to be good at math when I get older. When I grow up I want to be Pharmacist. It confuses me when people ask a lot of questions like: How do your parents pay the rent? I wish that everybody were rich an lived a happy life and didn’t have to break in into peoples’ property. I am also the author of My Family, Yu Kun Yu, and many poems.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Writing by Nathan, age 10

How to Destroy a Table

Step 1: Get an iron hammer.

Step 2: Get a metal chair.

Step 3: Get a heavy barbell.

Step 4: Get a table.

Step 5: Whack the table with the hammer. This will make a bump and a scratch.

Step 6: If that doesn’t work, try using the chair.

Step 7: If that doesn’t work, use the heavy barbell.

Step 8: Bring the table out onto sidewalk.

Step 9: Go upstairs to the top floor of your building and lean out the window and drop the barbell down onto the table.

Step 10: It will make a lot of damage.

Step 11: Check to see if the table is broken.

Step 12: If it’s still not broken, then go onto an airplane and crash into the table. This will mean suicide, but the table will be broken for sure.


If worms were germs,
then bugs would be slugs
If snails were nails,
then whales would be pails
If paper were glaciers,
then ice would be lice
If floods were guts,
then eyes would be fried,
and they would be crunchy
and it would be
to see


My American name is Nathan. It means “gift from the gods.” My father and my mother chose this name because they like the “th” sound. I like my name because I like to imagine I’m a gift from the gods and if someone unwrapped me I would be a toy gun. My Chinese name is Cheng Huan. It means “responsibility and see into the future.” It also means “happy, superior, successful and Chinese tradition.” My mother chose this name because she liked these ideas. I like this name because it reminds me of funerals. People who can see into the future know when everyone’s going to die.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Writing by Alina, age 10

If Dogs Were People
By Alina

If dogs were people
then aliens would have voices
If books were giants
then onions would be flies
If bugs were buildings
then bears would be chairs
If buttons were medals
then windows would be tires
If erasers were skeletons
then paper would be shirts
So I would draw a self-portrait
and wear it
on a roller-coaster that goes
kind of slow
and kind of fast

By Alina

My name is Alina. It means “royal.” My mother named me Alina because she thinks the name is easy to call. I think my name fits me because it is easy to write and I think the sound of my name fits me because it reminds me of crickets and crickets remind me of me because they’re quiet. But my name also doesn’t fit me because I’m not into kings, queens or princesses.

My Chinese name is Wen Yu. It means “gets mad easily.” My parents chose it because they like it. When I asked them why they liked it, they just said they liked it. I think it fits me because it’s easy to say and I like easy words. But I also think it doesn’t fit me because I am usually calm. I get mad sometimes, but when I get angry I just go away from the person. I don’t brake things, throw things or yell at that person.