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TROUBLE IN MADAGASCAR By Destin & David, both age 9

Chapter 1
Where’s the Vanilla?

Chicken stew boiled on the stove. Colonel Tang dropped pieces of fruit into the blender. A rice cooker sat on a marble countertop, pots and pans hung on a rack above the sink. Spices in jars stood on top of the stove. Tomatoes and potatoes rolled off the counter, bouncing on the floor.

Colonel Tang lived in a white mansion in Washington DC with Captain Gao. The men were in charge of the Third Infantry Division of the United States Army. A collection of rocks from wars sat on a shelf in the hall. At the end of the hall a knight stood at attention. Pictures of bloody bodies hung on the walls in the living room.

Captain Gao pulled a cookbook off a shelf above the stove. It was full of Madagascar vanilla bean recipes. He flipped to a recipe for vanilla ice cream. He loved vanilla ice cream.

He opened the spice drawer and pulled out his bottle of vanilla extract. It was empty.

“Hey Jim,” Captain Gao said. “Did you drink all the vanilla extract? Do you know how much money I spent on it?”

“I didn’t drink it.”

“How will I ever get more?”

Chapter 2
The Contract

Ding Dong. Colonel Tang opened the door. There was a man waiting on the porch to give the officers instructions for a secret mission.

“Hello,” said Colonel Tang.

“Hello Colonel. I’m Sergeant Wu. He handed Colonel Tang the papers and pointed at the bottom of the first page. “Sign here. These are orders for your next mission. You’re going to Madagascar.”

Colonel Tang signed.

“Would you like me to come with you?" Sergeant Wu said.

“Ok,” Colonel Tang said.

That night Sergeant Wu, Colonel Tang and Captain Gao got on a plane headed for the Indian Ocean with the Third Infantry Division.

Chapter 3
The Flight

The next morning they ate breakfast on the airplane. They had eggs with soy sauce and bacon with salt.

“How long is this gonna take?” Captain Gao said.

“About a day or so,” Sergeant Wu said.

“WHAT!!!” Colonel Tang said.

“Why is it that long?" Captain Gao said.

“Oh, it's because we are going across the sea,” Sergeant Wu said. "Didn't you read the instructions?"

"No,” said Captain Gao.” I was thinking about the vanilla bean.

Chapter 4
Mess Hall

The Third Infantry Division landed at a military base in Australia and headed to the mess hall. There was a crowd getting food to eat for lunch. So Captain Gao, Colonel Tang, and Sergeant Wu joined with the crowd.

"What do we have for lunch?" Colonel Tang said.

"Oh we're going to have fried duck, chicken, and beans," Sergeant Wu said.

They got trays and sat down quickly.

“This tastes like clay,” Captain Gao said.

“Maybe it’s just the cooking,” Colonel Tang said.

While they ate, they heard footsteps running through the halls. And the footsteps were getting closer.

Chapter 5
The General

"That sounds like the General," one of the men said.

Footmen kicked through the mess hall door. Everyone stood at attention until one of the footman gave commands. "The general says all of you follow me. The Madagascar government has been leaking important US military secrets to the Iranians and they are hoarding their vanilla bean reserves."

"All we have to do is distract them," Colonel Tang said.

"But they have many weapons," Captain Gao said.

“I’ve already got my orders from the General,” the soldier said. “We’re heading to Madagascar.”

Chapter 6
The Battle

Colonel Tang’s troops were not prepared for the Madagasy assault. His soldiers couldn’t see. Their eyes were covered in blood. They were sprawled out along the Madagascar shore with their mouths open and their tongues sticking out. Soldiers buried their dead in the sand. Something shiny burned Colonel Tang's eyes. He moved closer. It shined bright as the sun, white and shocking. It was a box filled Vanilla Beans. Colonel Tang reached out to touch it but a soldier from the Madagascar Army was blocking it. He spread out his arms and held a sword in his right hand. When he squatted, the armor on his legs shined. The soldier set off a bomb attached around his neck. He blew himself up and the box of vanilla beans flew threw the air. Colonel Tang's soldiers hit the ground, covering their heads like there was an earthquake. A cliff overhead collapsed and rocks fell down on the troops.

"We need to get out of here," Colonel Tang said.

"We need to dig," one of the men said. “We’re trapped.”

But all of the sudden light shined in the American soldiers' faces. The Madagasy were digging out Colonel Tang’s troops.

"What are they doing?” Colonel Tang said. “Why are they helping us?”

“They’re not,'' Captain Gao said. “They’re trying to salvage the vanilla beans.”

Colonel Tang a handful of the vanilla beans. He heard the click of a gun trigger and he felt something wet oozing from his gut.

Chapter 7

Colonel Tang lay on the ground. Helicopters landed nearby. Medics jumped from the helicopters, carrying first aid kits.

"Let’s get Colonel Tang to the chopper and bring him back to base," Sergeant Wu said.

The medics loaded Colonel Tang into the chopper and Captain Gao hopped in behind them. Off they went, flying across the cool waters of the Indian Ocean.

“Finally I got some,” said Colonel Tang, strapped to a stretcher, clutching the vanilla beans.

Captain Gao pressed his hand over Colonel Tang’s heart. It was beating slowly. Colonel Tang’s heart beat even slower and he ran out of breath. Captain Gao yelled to the medics, “Help, we’re losing him.” Blood streamed out of Colonel Tang’s mouth and dripped from his eyes.

“He’s gone,” one of the medics said.

In his kitchen Captain Gao mixed the vanilla beans into a batch of ice cream then he tasted it and thought about Colonel Tang.

About the Authors

Hi my name is David. I am nine years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad and sisters. I am good at sports and making friends. I want to be good at drawing someday. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. If I were weather I would be rain so I could torture people who hate storms. I wish I had a brother that would play with me a lot because now I only have sisters.

Hi my name is Destin. I am nine years old and I live in San Francisco. I live with my sister, dad, and my mom. I like to play Soul Caliber 4 on my Play Station 3 and also I like to play my Nintendo Dsi. I am good at math. I wish that I could be good at drawing and fighting someday. I would like to be a scientist inventor when I grow up. I am usually confused about why adults forget to keep their promises. If I were a tool I would be a screwdriver so I could fix toys. If I were granted a wish I would wish to get along with my sister so we won’t upset our parents.

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THE CHASE IS ON By Michelle, age 11 & Nhung, age 10

Chapter 1
Shocking Information

“Cassie!” Joanie said, reading some information from the computer. “I am changing my name to Macy! Okay?” She skipped to the door, but she stopped and said, “Oh yeah and wake up!!” Macy ran to the computer. It was beeping like crazy. Cassie woke up.
“Ok,” Cassie said.
Cassie got up and looked out the window. Birds and Cars flew through the neighborhood. “I love you San Francisco,” said Cassie. She had been sleeping on a chair in front of the computer. They had installed a laser just in case they got robbed again, and disguised it as a big light bulb. Macy looked at the laser and thought about the last time they got robbed. They had been playing Gold Fish in their lab’s living room, when a stranger barged in. He was wearing a black mask with three holes in it. He threatened to hurt them with a big, metal bat if they didn’t give him all their doughnuts. “You better give me your doughnuts or else.” His voice was hoarse. The girls shivered but stood up for their doughnuts. Cassie ran under the table and hid. Macy grabbed a handful of tortilla chips and threw them at him. That slowed him down while Cassie ran and got the doughnuts. He chased her around. She tripped and the doughnut box fell out of her hand. He took the box, but he left the bat. Cassie took it and put it in the room where we keep burglars’ weapons. It’s full of guns and knives but mostly bats. As in baseball bats. Criminals are constantly attacking the girls, looking for their scientific secrets.
“Also look,” Macy said, “The tracker inside Blobber has sensed the monster chewing something and there is a message. It says: The monster is in the middle of Orlando, Florida. It has gobbled up a couple of human beings but they are still alive.
“We need to get that monster. Let’s go to Orlando!” Macy looked at the screen, trying to figure out what the blob was doing.

Chapter 2
The Annoying Neighbor on the Plane

On the plane Macy slept like a baby. She cuddled up in a ball on her seat while Cassie played on her laptop next to her. Turkey Vultures soared in the sky. It was pretty early in the morning when suddenly, the laptop beeped again. The beep woke everyone who was sleeping and bothered everyone who wasn’t. On the screen Cassie read: The monster is now swallowing people in Disneyland. Macy woke up and nearly fell out of her seat.
“What happened?” Macy asked.
“The laptop beeped again. Why didn’t you wake up? Everyone else woke up when the computer beeped. Why not you?” Cassie continued typing a story on the laptop.
“Well, I did hear the beep but I was tired so I fell back asleep. Then I decided to wake up now.” Macy fell back asleep.
“All right then.” Cassie went back to typing but a shadow came over them. Cassie turned. The shadow belonged to a man. He was small and old. He wore a black vest, a hat, a rainbow scarf, and he had a big purple scar on the side of his cheek. He used a cane but he didn’t stand that steady. He smelled like french fries.
“Hey.” The man spoke in a low voice.
“Hi sir.” Cassie didn’t pay any attention to him besides his smell.
“Hey! I was bothered by the thing you’re holding. It woke me up!”
“Well, I’m sorry. I can’t control it. It beeps every time something moves.”
“What do you mean by something?” the man said, squinting his eyes.
“It’s a secret.” Cassie closed the laptop. She sneered at the way the man dressed.
“Ok, FINE! I just want you to tone that noise down. The next time that thing rings, I’m gonna put you in a straight-jacket!” The man hugged himself and walked away. He stopped, walked back and said, “And I will report you and your little pet to the flight attendant.” He spit out a big green mucus ball aimed right at Cassie’s forehead. He walked away, leaving his cane behind but he walked perfectly. He sat down right behind them.
The stranger took out his cell phone. “Hi, it’s me Mr. Comba. I found the girls.”
The Smith sisters didn’t hear him.

Chapter 3
Orlando and the Wild Goose Chase

It was early in the morning. The girls were exhausted after the plane ride. A cab dropped them off in front of their hotel. Macy tried not to doze off as she dragged their suitcases out of the trunk. Cassie saw a dark figure approaching them. Cassie was afraid. She shivered even though it was 88 degrees. She grabbed Macy and ran. Cassie and Macy ran past strangers who thought they were acting. People clapped and cheered. The stranger was right behind them. Cassie and Macy ran out of breath. Their luggage bounced everywhere. Luckily, the girls had enough energy to sprint forward and hide in a coffee shop. The stranger stood right in front of the coffee shop but he didn’t notice them. Cassie saw him take something out of his coat. The sun was coming out and Cassie could see clearer. The stranger was Professor Higgly! He was phoning Cassie. Her phone rang, chirping out “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black-eye Peas. “Hello?” Cassie covered her face.
“Hi.” Professor Higgly sounded tired too. “It’s me. Professor Higgly. Where are you? I was chasing a girl that looked just like you, but I don’t think she was. She was dragging another girl. She looked a little bit like Macy. Where are you? I came to pick you up.” Professor Higgly breathed heavily.
“Oh, Professor Higgly. We’re in a coffee shop. In fact, I can see you right now.” Cassie knocked on the window and Professor Higgly waved to them. He hung up and walked inside. Macy was sitting on a chair and snoring away.
The professor sat down at a table with Cassie and Macy. They woke Macy up for breakfast.

Chapter 4
The Braggers and the Homeless Man

The girls had been searching the streets of Orlando for the monster for hours.
“Hey, let’s get some pizza!” Macy said.
“Sure! Let’s go!”
Macy and Cassie walked up Main Street, passed a homeless man.
“May I please have some change?” the homeless man said weakly.
“Sorry, we don’t have any,” Cassie said, turning to Macy.
“It’s ok.” The man buried his face in a dirty blanket. “What are your names?”
“My name is Cassie and this is my sister Macy.”
“Hi,” Macy said, losing patience.
“Hello,” the man said. “My name is Robert E. Tomptson. I used to be a scientist but when I got fired from my job I lost all my money and had to live in the streets.” Robert sniffed at the air in front of the pizza place.
“Oh,” Macy said. “I’m so sorry.
“Yep,” Cassie said. “Me too. Would you like some pizza?”
“That would be great. Thank you.” Robert’s eyes filled with tears.
The sisters went inside the restaurant and returned with half a pizza for Robert.
“Thank you very much,” he said.
“No problem.”
The girls’ worst enemies showed up in front of the restaurant, Ices and Lea Nabella, the braggers. The two snotty sisters were always bragging about their pretty prettiness. They dressed in fancy gowns, but they were actually nightgowns. They wore purple make-up every day and brown shoes. That was the only unfashionable and hated detail about them.
“Hey braggers, what are you doing here?” Macy said.
“Well, we were looking for you to tell you we got another award for best dress,” the two braggers said in unison.
“So?” Cassie said. “Who cares? We won a trophy at the science fair.” Cassie walked toward Ices and Macy walked toward Lea.
“Geeks!” The braggers said together.
“You guys won at the science fair?” said Robert.
“Yeah,” Cassie said. “But we made a mistake and created a monster.” Cassie covered her eyes.
“What?” the braggers said. “You created a monster?”
“Yeah,” Cassie said in a slow way.
“Oooooh,” Robert said. “You girls must be in big trouble with your professor.”
The braggers shook their heads. “We’re going to tell your professor.”
“Oh no you’re not,” Macy said, twisting her neck.
“Oh yes we are!”
“Are you challenging us?”
“Maybe we are and maybe we aren’t,” Ices said.
“On your mark, get set, go,” Robert shouted.
The braggers set off first to Professor Higgly’s lab. The Smith sisters followed.

Chapter 5
The Race

The Braggers were in the lead. They didn’t know where to go but they followed their instincts. They were going the right way.
Cassie and Macy were close behind and Robert was behind the Smith sisters. “Hey Cassie,” Macy shouted loud enough for the Braggers to hear.
“What?” Cassie immediately knew what Macy was up too.
“I know a short cut,” Macy pointed to the next turn. Coincidentally, the Braggers got a glimpse of the Smith sisters and their shortcut. Instead of following their instincts, the Braggers took the shortcut but soon realized it was actually the wrong way. Macy and Cassie sprinted to the lab while the Braggers headed to a toy factory.

Chapter 6
And the Winners Are...

Cassie and Macy made it to the professor’s lab first. The room smelled like fresh roasted coffee. The lab was made of three metal domes stacked atop each other. The bottom dome was the main room and the entrance. The second dome, which was really big, was filled with secret rooms, bedrooms, restrooms, and a huge living room for all the people. There was also a secret room. Inside, there was a buffet. It was constantly stocked with food.
Macy and Cassie slipped through the entrance. Macy and Cassie looked out the window and saw the braggers running towards them. Robert was right next to them. Macy quickly locked the door.
“Ladies,” Professor Higgly said. “What is going on?”
Cassie and Macy told him everything.
“Wow. That was a long story.” Macy dozed off while Cassie told Professor Higgly the last part about their adventure. “What girks!” Professor Higgly was mad as ever. He knocked down a cup of hot coffee all over his pants. He screamed. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” He ran to the bathroom and got a towel out of a basket. He dried himself immediately and sat back down.
“First of all, what are girks, and second, are you ok?” Cassie said. “Do you need to eat your meds?”
Macy ran to his cabinet and grabbed his Anger Management Issue pills. She threw two pills to him. He took them then started to giggle. The girls freaked out. They whispered to each other. A loud bang came from outside. It was the braggers. They were panting. Macy and Cassie ran to the door. The braggers fell to the cement floor and stared at the Smith sisters. The Smith sisters stared back at them.
“What was that?” Professor Higgly tried to look but he wasn’t tall enough to see through the window.
“Wow,” Cassie said. She opened the door and the Braggers fell to the floor. “You guys are fast.”
“Thanks, ” Ices mumbled.

Chapter 7
Mr. Comba

Mr. Comba stood next to Blobber, leaning on the fence of the teacup ride. Disneyland was deserted. “Where do you think the Smith sisters are right now?” Mr. Comba said.
“Probably hatching up a plan to destroy us,” Blobber said.
“Or they could be partying nonstop.”

Chapter 8

Robert walked over the Braggers and into Professor Higgly’s lab. The Braggers still lied on the floor. They were winded.
“Hello,” Robert said to Professor Higgly.
“Hello,” Professor Higgly said.
“Are you the famous and cool professor I think you are?”
“Who do you think I am?” Professor Higgly was smiling like crazy.
“I think you’re a Professor-”
“Professor Higgly! Are you?”
“In the flesh. Oh my god, I’ve just noticed something.” Professor Higgly covered his mouth like a surprised little girl.
“What? What did you notice?” Robert jumped up and down to protect himself from imaginary bugs.
“Are you Robert E Tomptson?”
“Yes. Yes I am.”
“I love your work.”
“Why, thank you,” Robert said. “I’m very fond of your work as well. You’re the very best.”
Professor Higgly remembered reading his books and seeing his inventions at the University of Los Angeles. “Well, thank you.” Professor Higgly looked at the dirty blanket Robert wore. “Would you like to get some new clothes and some rest?”
“Thank you oh-so much,” said Robert. He walked down the hall to the guest room and fell right asleep.
Leah and Ices got up.

Chapter 9
No Way

Leah looked at Professor Higgly. “Do you know what your little ‘geniuses’ did to Orlando?” She said, looking back at the Smith sisters.
“Well, young ladies. Please tell me what they did.” Professor Higgly secretly winked at the Smith sisters. They nodded.
“Okay,” Ices said. She cleared her throat. “So, they created a monster!” Ices and Leah fainted at that statement. Macy stared at Leah and Cassie stared at Ices. Professor Higgly stared at both of the braggers. It didn’t take long for the Nabella sisters to come to. They hopped up and laughed in unison. Leah and Ices said, “So Mr. Professor, What are you going to do about what they did?”
“Well, they can start by finding the monster and destroying it, but first--” Professor Higgly said, and signaled the Smith sisters to follow him. “I will see you two later after I have a talk with the girls.” They went to another room, leaving the Nabella sisters standing in the doorway.
Buffet tables were everywhere. They sat down at a small table with three seats. “I know you two did a bad thing,” Professor Higgly said, “but I hardly could wait to celebrate the winning of the science fair. It’s too bad your mom and dad died. They would’ve been really proud of you.” Professor Higgly looked glum.
“At least we still have you Professor. You’re like an uncle to us,” Cassie said and rubbed his bald, rubbery head.
“Thank you. At least I still have you girls. I mean girks.”
They all chuckled.

Chapter 10
The Bat

“Hey where are you guys?” Leah shouted from the hallway. Ices and Lea had been looking for the Smith sisters and Professor Higgly all over the lab.
“We’re somewhere you can’t find ever. Not in a million years,” Professor Higgly said in a loving voice. Leah and Ices skipped back to the main room of the lab. The door to the dining room was closed.
“I wonder what they’re doing in there,” Leah asked Ices. Ices shrugged.
“I think that weird professor is giving them a spanking,” Ices jumped off her seat and fell to the ground on her butt.
“Yeah I agree,” Leah said even though she hardly ever agreed with Ices.
“But I didn’t hear any cries or anything. I think it’s a soundproof room. Don’t you?” She tilted her head and smiled.
Leah burst into tears. She fell to the ground while Ices ran to look for candy. But there was none. She wouldn’t wake up.
“There is no candy here,” said a bat sitting on top of a splintery cabinet. “Unless you want pills, you shouldn’t get near this cabinet.”
“Who are you?” Ices shivered. She’d never been so scared in her life.
“I’m The Bat. I live here. My parents went away when I told them I was going to live on my own, and then--”
Ices stopped The Bat before he could go on. “I know how you feel. My parents never paid any attention to me. Now they’re dead but we got an inheritance of many millions of dollars.” Now she saw the bat was crying. He was using his wings as a tissue. “Are you okay?” Ices patted the bat.
“Yeah I’m okay.” The Bat sniffed her hand. She pulled back. “Would you like to know a secret?”

Chapter 11
The Secret

“Let me know the secret Mr. Bat,” Ices said.
The Bat nodded his head. “There is a secret room. You can’t find it, but you can go in it if someone leads you there blindfolded. The only people who know about the room are the Smith sisters and Professor Higgly. I don’t know even though I helped him build that room. Even though I don’t know, I still love him for taking me in, under his wing!” The bat danced around and sang a little song. “There is a man who cares for me, There is a man who loves me, I was lonely, on the streets, I didn’t know where I belonged until he brought me home.”
“Anyways, what is in that secret room?” Ices rubbed her long, thin chin.
“Well, there are many secret rooms. Which one do you want to know about?”
“The one Macy, Cassie and Professor Higgly are in.” Ices saw Lea walk toward her. Ices quickly shoved the bat into the wooden cabinet. She heard a muffled noise and then some singing. “Hush up little bat. I don’t want my sister to know about you. She might bother you ‘till you cry. So shh.”
The bat hushed up.
“Hey sis, what’s up?” Lea said.
“Nothing.” Ices leaned against the cabinet.
Boom! The cabinet’s doors shook.
“What’s that?”
“Nothing. It’s just something.”
“Oh, are there any cookies? I want some. Are there any cookies in that cabinet?” Lea tried to push past Ices to get to the cabinet. But Ices was stronger today and pushed Lea, which caused both of them to fall down.
“Hey,” Ices grunted. “Why did you keep repeating?”
“I don’t know. I was crazy I guess.”
“You always are.” Ices and Lea got up. Ices told everything to Lea and introduced The Bat to her.
“Hello, my dear,” The Bat said.
“Hi.” Lea was blushing.
“So you live around here?” The bat said.
“No I’m just visiting the city. How about you?”
Ices explained the details about the bat. Lea sobbed again. No one knew why she was crying.
“Don’t cry my darling,” the bat said. “There is nothing to be ashamed of. You know, when I was young, my parents threw me out on the streets because I sang too much. Oh well. It’s not like you’re willing to donate money for me to go back to my family.” The Bat rubbed his puny black hands together. He snickered.
“Oh my god.” Ices said.
“What?” Leah said.
“He’s trying to con money out of you. He’s a con bat.”
The Bat slapped Ices and Leah with his sharp, black wings. Lea and Ices fell to the ground once again. The bat flew up into the air and disappeared.
“Where is the bat?” asked Ices.
Lea shook her head and stared in the direction that the bat went.
“Did you like the buffet girls?” a voice interrupted Leah and Ices.
“Yes, of course we did,” said a voice. And the figures of Cassie, Macy and Professor Higgly appeared from the darkness.
“You guys were in a buffet?” said Ices.
“Yeah.” Cassie said.
“Finally,” Leah said. “I thought you guys were getting spanked.”
“Good guess,” Cassie said. “But not correct.”
“So did Robert wake up?’ asked the Professor.
“We weren’t paying attention to him,” said Ices.
“Then what were you doing this whole time?” asked Cassie.
“Well, we were talking to this mysterious bat from a cabinet,” said Leah.
“I never knew that there was a bat in my house,’’ said Professor Higgly.
“Well there was,” said Leah.
“So could we, like, track the monster down now,” said Macy.
“Of course,” said the Professor.
“Do we have to?” said the braggers.
“Well, if you’re here then yes,” said Professor Higgly.
They all followed Cassie to the computer. Blobber was back. On the screen there was a tiny purple oval, the symbol for Blobber. According to the map, Blobber was at Disneyland.
“How did you get this information?” asked the Professor.
The girls explained about the tracking device.
Cassie and Macy grabbed two backpacks and packed a water gun, a bomb, a knife, a fork, and a spoon so if they got hungry they could eat Blobber.
“So who’s driving?” said Professor Higgly.
“Who has their driver’s license?” said Leah.
“I do,” Ices said.
They all got in Professor Higgly’s car and drove off.

Chapter 12
It’s War Time Blobber!

Professor Higgly turned the radio on as they drove toward the monster. We have an emergency! a radio reporter said. There is a big slimy monster gobbling citizens up so you better watch-The sound of something licking its lips came through the radio speaker.
“Oh my god,” Cassie said. “She got eaten.
“We better hurry up because he might eat everybody,” said Leah. They drove to the parking lot and ran to the danger spot. They saw people screaming inside Blobber’s stomach. Blobber stood in front of the teacup ride. People were still in the teacups. He picked them up, stuck his pinky finger out and said, “Pip pip cheerio.” He drank the human beings. His body was transparent. They got out of the car and Macy and Cassie passed out the weapons. The Professor had a water gun, Leah had a fork, Ices had a spoon, Cassie had a bomb, and Macy had a knife. “It’s war time Blobber,” said Macy. They approached Blobber and took their positions. Macy and Cassie noticed a man holding an Icee drink in his hand. The recognized him. he was the annoying neighbor on the plane. “Well, well, well, here are the girks,” said Blobber.
“Yeah,” Mr. Comba chuckled. “They are girks.”
“Hey, I am the only one who can use the word girks,” Professor Higgly said.
“Too bad. You are not worthy enough to say that word,” Blobber chuckled.
“We’re gonna beat your slimy butt Blobber,” Cassie said.
“Oh, what a lovely dream.” Blobber laughed like mad Call me when you idiots wake up. In the meantime, I’ll be ‘inviting’ more people to my giggly fun.” Blobber laughed once more. Professor Higgly shot water at him. Blobber chocked. “I have a little too much meat in my diet,” Blobber said. “I need to go on a diet of vegetarians.”

Chapter 13
Fight Fight Fight

Blobber’s legs melted and his arms fell off, but somehow, the melting stopped and everything grew back. His little finger popped out of his slimy body and his little toes wiggled themselves out too. He stood straight once again. Professor Higgly’s water gun ran out of ammo. Ices ran to Blobber with a spoon and started to eat him up! She poked her spoon into Blobber’s leg and stuffed the sticky jelly into her mouth. Ices’ belly grew bigger as she gobbled up the berry goo. Leah rushed to Ices and sobbed.
“You’re so fat.” Leah lightly pounded Ices’ belly. It jiggled. She stopped, stood up and took out her fork and stabbed Blobber’s leg. Juices oozed out.
“Was that the wind or was that you trying to hurt me?” Blobber said. “That doesn’t hurt.”
“It was me hurting you,” Leah said. “You should have fallen by now or be shrieking. The main point is that you should be dead by now.”
Ices and the Smith sisters saw Mr. Comba at the Icee shop next to the teacup ride. He didn’t even notice what was happening. Leah stared at the big blob. Blobber looked down at her. Blobber smiled and the more Blobber smiled, the more he shrunk. Leah sat down but never took her eyes off of him. Blobber was still staring at her. Blobber shrunk to the size of the prisoners so they all broke free. They pushed through Blobber’s transparent stomach. Jelly scattered all over the sidewalk. Mr. Comba was crushed by the mob escaping from Blobber’s body. Blobber flopped over and crumbled. Everybody but Leah cheered. Ices’ stomach jiggled and shrunk. Leah quickly joined the group for the celebration. Macy and Cassie danced a robot dance and Professor Higgly danced the tango with Ices and Leah.
A couple police cars pulled up to the scene. Officers got out of the car and arrested Mr. Comba. “Who called the police?” Mr. Comba thrashed. “Well, whoever did will pay, you hear, pay!”
“No one will,” the officer said. He pushed Mr. Comba into the police car.

Chapter 14
Hip Hip Hooray!!

“Blobber finally died!” Cassie said, holding a glass of cider.
“We no longer have to fear going to Disneyland,” said a stranger.
“Whoo!” shouted the crowd.
Professor Higgly, Macy, Ices, Cassie, and Leah joined the crowd of people from Blobber’s stomach in the line for the Haunted Mansion ride. The survivors were still covered with slime but they didn’t mind at all. Everyone clapped and whistled. All were smiling and laughing.
“This might just be the best day ever, said one of blubber’s victims. Everyone around her nodded their heads.
“We did it girls! We all did it!” Professor Higgly said.
“Yeah,” said Macy, and we couldn’t have done it without Leah and Ices.” Creepy music played and they all danced.

About the Authors

Hi! My name is Nhung. I am 10 and a half years old, and live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I like knitting, hiking, sports, and shopping. I am good at reading, math, sports and playing games. I want to be good at English Language Arts and writing more. When I grow up I want to be a person who creates vaccines or a pediatrician. Natural disasters confuse me. Why do they happen? If I were weather I would be a sunny day so I could warm up the earth. I wish I had a big brother and sister, and I could speak at least three languages. This is my fifth published book. I am also the author of The Disaster Cake, The Flying Car, The Apple Explosion, and a biography of my mom.

Hello. My name is Michelle. I am 11 and a half years old. I live in San Francisco with a big family. I like hiking, playing sports with my friends, shopping, and going to school. I am good at many school subjects, some sports, and Nhung says I am good at talking to younger kids. I want to be good at knitting and sports. When I grow up I want to be an elementary teacher or a naturalist. If I were a food I would be a blueberry muffin because I like blueberry muffins and how most of the time they are crunchy on the outside but warm and creamy on the inside. This is my fourth published book. I am also the author of Twelve Midnight, The Apple Explosion, and The Magic Pizza.

Monday, July 19, 2010

TRIP TO VIETNAM By Brandon, age 8


When I got off of the airplane my mom’s friend picked us up at the airport in Hanoi. I saw cows and chickens on the street. There were men selling ice-cream from carts attached to bicycles. Hanoi was hot and raining. There were motorcycles and I went on a motorcycle with my dad. I did not wear a helmet.

Water Fight

I went to my cousin’s house and we had a water gun fight. After that we took turns playing with the hose. My brother Dustin sprayed the hose at my pants and it looked like I peed and I used the hose to do the same thing.

Ant Lemonade

My mom made lemonade with water that had dead ants in it. She didn’t put sugar I mine because I don’t like it. I drank the ant lemonade but not Dustin.


We rode a horse. I was holding a toy gun pretending to shoot my parents. My brother rode on the front of the horse and I rode on the back. I was kicking the horse and it went fast and guy who owned the horse yelled at it to stop.

About the Author

My name is Brandon and I am eight. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, little sister and brother. I like to draw. I am good at ice-skating. I want to be good at math some day. When I grow up I want to be a policeman. I get in trouble a lot but I forget why.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

NIGHTMARE By Betty, age 9

On May 3, 2010 my leg was hurting again. My mom told me to wear my brace but I didn't want to wear it because it was uncomfortable. I hoped it would get better soon because I hated when my leg hurt. I couldn't run at all!

I went to the doctor and he gave me a test. I climbed onto a table attached to a machine for checking my legs and laid down. I couldn't move at all. I had to take off my necklace because the machine was magnetic. The machine only made one sound. It was an outer space kind of sound. I was scared because the machine was a big metal thing full of bright light that went over my legs. It checked my legs while I slept for two hours. I closed my eyes and didn't open them the whole entire time. My mom was with me the whole time. It felt like my legs were inside a whale but not my full body. This whole thing made me have nightmares.

The doctor said that it was only a seasonal problem. This time it came in spring. Last time it came in summer. I'm so happy because my leg doesn't hurt anymore. One day it will come back though.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Betty. I am nine years old. I live with my parents, three cousins, grandparents, aunt and uncle. I like to read and do art sometimes. I am also the author of Blue and other Poems and When I Came to America.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MARY'S HANDS By Alina, age 11

Mary got a job at On Lok Retirement Home. She wore gloves over her hands during the job interview so nobody would know her hands were sticks. Mary had sticks for hands because she got into a car accident. A doctor sliced off her hands because they didn’t work any more. Then the doctor gave her sticks for hands.

“Mary,” her boss said on her first day. “It’s time for Mrs. Mon’s medication. She needs one teaspoon of Pepto-Bismal, Extra Strength.” She gave the medicine to the seniors by using her little branches as fingers.

Mary wanted to be a real person. She wanted real hands. She got the job because she knew people would die and she wanted to take their hands. Mary decided not to give Mrs. Mon the Pepto-Bismal. She decided to give her Oxy-clean instead. It’s not right, she thinks, but I want hands. She gave Mrs. Mon a cup of Oxy-Clean.
“This doesn’t taste like Pepto-Bismal.”
“It’s a new flavor.”
Mrs. Mon falls out of her chair. Mary’s boss walks in. “Why is Mrs. Mon on the floor?”
Mary checked the old woman’s pulse. “She’s dead. I don’t know what happened.”

The next day there was a funeral. And Mary went.

At the funeral Mary stood next to her friend Kate. “I need your help,” Mary said to Kate.
“What do you need help with?”
“I need help digging up the dead woman and cutting her hands off.”
“Are you crazy?! Why?”
“I’ll tell you, but don’t tell anyone else.”
“I won’t.”
Mary took off her gloves. “My hands are sticks.”

That night, Mary brought shovels and knives to the cemetery. She found Kate there. Kate was wandering around visiting the grave of an old friend. She still wasn’t sure if she wanted to be part of Mary’s plan.
“Will you help me dig up this coffin?” Mary said to Kate. “Now, because there’s nobody here.”
“I don’t know about that.”
“Please can you help me?”
Kate didn’t answer.
Then Mary asked, “How did your friend die?”
“A car accident.”
“I got into a car accident too.”
“Is that why you have stick hands?”
“Yeah, I got them in the hospital.”
“Why did they give you sticks?”
“They didn’t have anything else.”
“We could get in a lot of trouble.”
“I can’t do it alone.”
Kate looked at her friend’s gravestone. “She used to knit me scarves.”
“What did they look like?”
“They were beautiful.”
“What color was the yarn?”
“I was talking about her hands.”
Finally Kate said, “Ok, I’ll help you.”
They dug up the coffin. At last they found the dead person. They used knives to cut off the woman’s hands.
“How am I supposed to help you attach the hands?” Kate said.
They both thought. Flowers moved in the wind.
“I know,” Mary said. “Do you have Superglue?”
“Yeah,” Kate said. She had superglue in her pocket because she liked fixing stuff.
“Can you Superglue the real hands onto me?”
Kate glued the dead woman’s hands to Mary’s arms. They stayed on. Mary smiled, for the first time since the accident.
Kate picked some flowers and put them on her friend’s grave.

About the Author

My name is Alina and I am 11 years old. I want to be good at drawing someday. I am different from other kids because I am quiet. If I were an animal I would be a puppy because puppies are cute. I wish I would get along better with my cousin. I am also the author of Three Stories and Dan Hong Wu.