Friday, August 29, 2008

To My Rabbit by Sarah, age 8

To My Rabbit

I’m sorry that it was so hot
that you died
I wish you didn’t die
I had to take you to the hospital
so they could burn you up
I was so sad I felt like crying
But then, in my head,
I could see you when you
were two months old
You were so cute
I will remember
how you used to shake
when you were scared

From Sarah

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Smoke of Sadness By Don, age 10

To My Dad
A Smoke of Sadness

I’m sorry you can’t live with me
I never noticed that you
lied to my mom
about smoking and gambling
But I still remember you
You took me to the playground
I would like a father who cares and never lies
But I still had a lot of fun with you
I hear your voice in my mind
even though I don’t see you

From Don

Monday, August 18, 2008

Future Wars by Edmund, age 8 & Nathan, age 9

One hundred years in the future...

The Aliens used their scanner to scan Earth to see if there were real living people on the planet.

“The aliens are heading towards the satellite, use the super searchlight,” Captain Nathan said. He heard DJ music and found out that his soldiers were dancing like ballerinas.

“Stop dancing, you nincompoops!” yelled Captain Nathan. “Get started!”

“Get started on what?” said one of the troops.

“Did you even hear me?” Captain Nathan grabbed a pie from a table. “Eat pie troops!” He threw the pie and it hit one of the soldiers and slipped down his face.

“Oh,” said one of the troops. “Now I remember. Use the super searchlight.” All the troops ran to the searchlight.

“I don’t see an alien,” said Sergeant Edmund.

A minute later, a bell rang in the town. It meant the aliens were coming. They came parachuting down.

“Quickly, eat your hotdogs,” ordered Captain Nathan. The troops ate all their hotdogs then burped really loud. This made the parachutes pop. Spaceships zoomed through the sky.

“Hurry to the space pick-up!” said Captain Nathan. The pick-up threw rockets at the alien spaceships, but the spaceships made it to the ground.

“Charge!” said a glowing alien.

“AAAHHH!” said Captain Nathan.

One minute later, the soldiers yelled, “AAAHHH!”

“Stop!” yelled Captain Nathan. “We’re at the gun shack. Get your guns and hurry back.” The soldiers got their weapons.

“Charge!” yelled Captain Nathan.

“Stop!” yelled Sergeant Edmund. “Who built the gun shack so far away?”

“Well,” said a soldier, “if the gun shack was so—“

“Can you shoot the aliens already!” interrupted Captain Nathan.

The troops’ missile car dashed passed them. It shot its missiles at the aliens. KABOOM! The aliens were dead.

“That was a quick battle,” said one of the troops.

But it was just the beginning.

About the Authors

Hi, my name is Edmund. I’m eight years old. This is my first published book. I like to play games on the computer and watch TV. I also have a humongous collection of Hotwheels. My friends call me the Origami Master because I do lots of origami. One day, I invented a new paper plane. It flew over our balcony! It’s called the Megahawk. If I were an animal I would a saber-toothed tiger because they are furious and I am furious.

My name is Nathan. I am nine years old. I live with my dad, mom and my sister. I like to play videogames. When I grow up I want to be a videogame creator. If I could be an animal I would be a rabbit because they are cute and cuddly. Some day I want to be good at ring tossing. I used to be afraid of zombies because I had dreams about them, but not anymore. Now I have dreams about making friends with computers and I laugh when I sleep. I am also the author of Random and Sparrow and About my Dad.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Magic Silkworm by Trang, age 10 & Anna, age 9

One day, princess Jenny found a silkworm under a mulberry tree. She thought it was cute and thought it would make a great pet. She picked it up carefully without dropping it and went back to her castle. She didn’t know that the silkworm was magical!
“I’ll put you in a container,” Jenny said, putting the silkworm into a pickle jar. Then she went to sleep. When she was sleeping the silkworm quickly spun silk and made a gown. When Jenny woke up she saw a beautiful gown made out of the silkworm’s cocoon. It shimmered in the light. When the king and queen saw the gown they were amazed.

“Who made this glamorous gown?” the queen said, smiling.

“I don’t know, mother,” said Jenny.

Out of nowhere, the Silkworm Prince appeared and said, “I made it out of my silk.” The Silkworm Prince closed his eyes while he was talking.

“How?” said the King.

“Well I am a silkworm,” said the Prince.

The parents laughed and laughed until they had cramps. The King and Queen did not believe the Silkworm Prince. “He’s dumb,” said the King.

“And he’s useless too,” said the Queen.

“But I am a silkworm!” said the prince.

“I trust you!” said Jenny.

“What?” said the Queen.

“I really love the Silkworm Prince,” said Jenny, “and I think I am going to have two baby girls soon.”

“Who is the father?” The King said.

“The Silkworm Prince!” said Jenny.

“YOU ARE GROUNDED JENNY!” the Queen said. “I mean it! Nothing will change my mind!”

“Noo!” Jenny yelled.

The queen was annoyed.

“I think you’re right, my love,” said the King.

While Jenny’s parents were talking, she left with the Silkworm Prince by tiptoeing out. The silkworm Prince took Jenny to a magical castle and this is where the babies were born. Only people who believed in magic could see it. People who didn’t believe in magic just walked passed it.

The King and Queen noticed Princess Jenny was gone! The king told the bravest knights to find his little girl, but the queen just panicked. The Queen said, “Where’s my baby?”

The knights looked far and near but Jenny was nowhere to be found. Rocky, one of the knight’s sons, believed in magic and other fairytales. He found Jenny in the castle.

“There you are,” said Rocky “You should go home.”

“No way! I don’t want to!” said Jenny. “My Parents are mean and cruel to the Prince and they don’t believe he is a prince!"

“Did you say a silkworm was a prince?” said Rocky.

“Do you have a problem with that?” said Jenny.

“Oh my god lady! Are you nuts?” said Rocky.

“How dare you say that to your future QUEEN,” said Jenny. “You are an insult!”

“How dare you say that to me, you you ... you girly girl,” said Rocky.

Rocky kept on jabbering while Jenny slipped away and locked the door. The Silkworm Prince was right outside and was about to knock on the door. Jenny and the Prince went outside and put wheels under the castle then linked it to their car. When they were about to go, twenty guards show up and surround them. “Halt or else!” said one of the guards. Princess Jenny and the Silkworm Prince were shocked that they got caught. They thought there were no guards. Then the queen came out with the king from behind the guards. The queen took Jenny’s arm tightly and walked her back to their castle and locked Jenny in her room. The king grabbed the Silkworm and put him in the dungeon, leaving the two baby girls crying in the car.

“I will never see my Silkie again,” said Jenny, wiping a tear from her eye.

The Silkworm Prince walked back and forth in the dungeon, saying, “When will I get out of here so I can save my Honeybunch and destroy the king and queen?”

Jenny found a sharp piece of metal and scraped cement off the brick wall in her room. “I hope I’m not too late,” she said, wondering if her babies were dead. She scraped and scraped and made some bricks come loose then she pushed them out and escaped. Jenny found her babies still crying and fed them milk. She crept into her parents’ room and took ten bags of gold and the key to the dungeon and some clothes and lots of food. Jenny let the Silkworm Prince out of the dungeon and they went to the city and bought a house.

“Let’s get married,” said the Silkworm Prince.

“Ok,” Jenny said. “Let’s have a huge cake!”

About the Authors

Hi, my name is Trang. I am also the author of Fox and Bear and My Grandma Lives in Canada. I like Littlest Pet Shop, Sailor Moon, Winx Club and ice-skating. I like Halloween because I get candy and I like Christmas because I get presents.

Hi, my name is Anna. This is my second published book. I am also the author of Wolves. I am nine and a half years old. My favorite subject in school is math. I am good at reading. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. My biggest fear is a hundred needles going into my arm. I wonder if dead people can ever come back to life.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trouble in Horseland by Madeline & Elaine, both age 11

Boom! Crash! A bolt of whitish-yellow light zapped the Earth. It looked like a lightning bolt, but bigger. Sarah and Amy started to float in the air. They saw a golden horse and hopped on to it.
“Hi!” said Sarah.

“Hi!” said The Golden horse. “What are your names? My name is Golden.”

“I’m Sarah,” said Sarah. “And this is Amy. She doesn’t speak that much, so I’ll speak for her.”

“Hey! Who said I don’t speak so often?” said Amy.

“Well, you don’t.”

“Wait a minute I don’t.”

“Stop arguing!” said Golden. “All this arguing is going to my head. And I need is to take you two to Horseland, which is on a cloud so you can beat the mean wizard, Kevin. He has puffy orange eyebrows and has an evil laugh. His teeth stick out and he does a little finger thing with his fingers. Kevin tried to kill our leader Red Ruby. Kevin raised his sword and cut Red Ruby’s back. Then he sprinkled sleeping powder on me. I fainted before she defeated him so I don’t know what happened. But no one likes to talk about it because he killed over half the horses and burnt our houses. We took two decades to rebuild the houses and three decades to restore the horses lives.”

“Why us?” said Sarah.

“Because you are the chosen ones,” said Golden.

“But why are we the chosen ones?” said Sarah.

“Because you floated up here from Earth,” said Golden. “Long ago a really nice witch put a spell on Earth. She said two humans would come and destroy the evil wizard with a sword. The sword would be magical to humans, and only humans. There’s a special shelf in Ruby’s cave. On it is the magical sword, a shield that the people can summon up, and a pink and blue magic flower. The last time the sword was sent out, it didn’t work because it was in my friend, Silver’s hoof. Don’t let Kevin get his hands on the sword. He will destroy every human being on Horseland and Earth. He will take over the world. He’s an evil mastermind. The Ruler is afraid the horses will steal the sword. She thinks they cannot always be trusted. Red Ruby the Ruler will drop the sword when the time is right. And then we can go up to Kevin and stab him.”

“Ok,” Sarah and Amy both said.

“Jinx,” both of them yelled.

“I jinxed you,” said Sarah.

“No I jinxed you,” said Amy.

“Cut that out you two,” said another horse who just showed up.

“Hi! Silver,” said Golden, turning to Sarah and Amy. “This was the friend I was talking about.”

“Hi! Golden,” said Silver. “One of you, get on to my back.”

“Alright,” said Amy.

They raced off to Horseland and saw the wizard Kevin standing under the sign that said WELCOME TO HORSELAND. He was looking into his crystal ball.

Kevin turned around and waved his wand into the air and he said, “ria niht ot ni meht hsinaV.”

The girls and the horses jumped behind the tree.

“Em hctac t’nac uoy,” Kevin said.

“Yes we can,” Golden said.

“t’nac uoy on,” said Kevin.

“Yes we can,” said Silver. Sarah and Amy hopped on to Silver and Sarah hopped on to Golden.

“Tuo emoc llab erif gib,” said Kevin. The four friends caught a big shield that fell out of the sky. The shield had a picture of Red Ruby, the ruler of Horseland on it. They used it to block the fireball that Kevin sent out.

“Stesut u onop se.” Silver knew a little of Kevin’s language.

The magic flower dropped a few seeds on some dirt in Horseland. It grew and grew. It popped right in front of Sarah. She grabbed it and handed it to Amy. Amy ripped a petal off and put it on top of Silver. The flower’s magic made Silver fly faster. She put one on Golden too. A sword fell from the sky.

Sarah caught it. “Go up to Kevin,” she bellowed to the horses, “so I can destroy him with the magical wand.”

Kevin heard her and said, “Em ot emoc drows cigam drows cigam!”

The magic in the wand hit Golden. Golden and Sarah dropped down to the ground. Luckily, Amy had one petal left so she ripped it off and dropped it. Before Golden fell to her death, the petal landed in her mouth and she ate it. The magic saved her life.

Meanwhile, above Horseland Kevin said, “Eid ll’ouy drows eht tuothiw.”

Just then Sarah and Golden floated back up.

“You will pay for this,” said Golden. “You’re selfish, You tried to kill us.” She flew up to Kevin and tried to stab him.

“Nwod gniog er’voy?” said Kevin. He reached for the sword and Golden ducked. Sarah quickly stabbed him.

Red Ruby thanked Sarah and Amy and gave them the magic items. Kevin sank down to Earth. He made a big splash in the Pacific Ocean. He wasn’t dead. The sun made the ocean sparkle and it restored Kevin’s life but his magic was gone.
“I need to go home for dinner now and Amy does too,” said Sarah.

“You can come here whenever you want. Just yell the words, Golden, Silver, Red Ruby, Horseland, we’re coming,” said Golden and Silver.

“And take these,” said Golden.

“What are they?” said Sarah.

“They are special pills that make you fly,” said Golden.

About the Authors

Hi! My name is Madeline! This is my fourth published book. I’m also the author of Things I don’t Believe in Anymore, Sorry and I Hate My Life with you. My favorite animals are penguins. I live with my mom, dad, and sister in San Francisco. I want to travel to different places. I like collecting Little Pet Shop toys.

Hi! My name is Elaine. My favorite animals are tigers. This is my first published book.