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My Name by Betty, age 9

My Chinese name is Shi Fen. My grandpa named me. It means great and beautiful. I think my name is easy to remember and write. My American name is Betty. It means promise. My mom named me when we came to America. She asked me, “Do you like it?” I thought about it and I told my mom I liked the name Betty. I like my name because of the way it sounds.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Names by Holly, age 10

My American name

My American name is Holly. It’s a kind of tree popular at Christmas. I like my American name bcause I get to be popular at Christmas. My uncle actually chose my name. He chose Holly because it has an H. He told my mom my name stands for Holiday and Holy spirt.

My Vietnamese name

My Vietnamese name is Mylinh. It means bright sun. My mom chose my name because she liked the meaning of it. I like my vietnamese name because it’s popular like my American name. I like having a name that a lot of other people have even though I usually like being different.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Names by Angela, age 10

My American Name

My American name is Angela. It means Angel or messenger. My dad wanted an “A” name because my Vietnamese name also starts with an A. I like my name because if I’m an Angel, no one can hurt me. But I also don’t like my name because being a messenger includes traveling and I don’t like traveling because I have to pack up my stuff.

My Vietnamese Name

My Vietnamese name is Tran Nhat Anh. It means sunlight or sunshine. My dad gave me this name because he thought this name would fit me best because my dad’s name means red sun and he wanted my name to have something to do with the sun too. I like my name because I go in the sun a lot even though when I look at the sun, I get bad eyesight.