Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DOOLISH By Jessica G., age 10

Click clack, a pencil tapped.

"Class,” screamed Mr. Holmes, “We have a boy gone! Where is Doolish? Class! Why doesn't this class ever listen to me! Grr!”
The door creaked open with bang against the wall. The windows broke into little pieces of young brooms. Doolish was standing in the doorway.  He whirled into the room with his hands in fists. A chain saw hung from his belt. A tattoo of a dragon danced around his right eye. 
"You're late, Doolish," said Mr. Holmes.

"Oh yeah, smelly face," said Doolish. "It's ten o'clock!”
"That means that you are late," the teacher said. "You kids are are getting everything wrong!”
"Mr. Farty Pants, is time to go home?" asked Doolish.
"Since you asked nicely, it is." Mr. Holmes’s eye darkened. "Line up, you bunch of ugly rotten teeth!"  

Doolish's mom’s car came whirling through the air and landed at the curb in front the school. She rolled her window down."How was your day, son?" she mumbled, blowing on her nails.
" Good," said Doolish, opening the door. "What time is it?"
“Really, it looks like ten o'clock to me.”

"You're wrong,”Doolish’s mom said, screeching down the street.

"Where are we going? Why are we on Broom Haunted Street?"
Doolish's mom kicked the door open and threw him onto the sidewalk.
"Why are you throwing me out?" said Doolish.
“You messed up my nail polish!"
“How?” Doolish said, tumbling onto the curb.
She drove away and left Doolish cold and helpless. A young man, walked up to him and said, "Come with me so you can have a life." His skin turned pale and his nose grew pointy. He raised his eyebrows.
“I’m at a payphone trying to call home,” he sang, “all of my change I spent on you/Where has the time gone baby?/It’s all wrong./Where are the pairs we made for two, yeah-Oh! He turned to Doolish. "Where is your parent, my little boy?"
"What's your name?" Doolish asked.
The man whispered, “Don't tell anyone. It’s Wizard.”
"Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I want to tell, but I can't. Hey Mr. Wizard, take me to your home."
"Wait. I need to do something.” Wizard lifted his cape and pulled a glitter wand from his pocket. He spun it like a tornado.
"Vos sanguisuga!" he chanted. Blue mist circled around the wand. It grabbed Doolish, dying his cloths turquoise and dropping him to the ground.
He landed in a pool of blood. Awesome! he thought. He swam to a railing that lead to a street called Sanguisuga.

"Everybody please go to Sanguisuga Street,” a policeman called through a loud-speaker. “There will be fresh drinks.”
A teenage girl in a black dress rushed up to Doolish. Her pink hair whipped back and forth in the breeze. "What are you doing here?" she asked.
Doolish was about to say something but he shivered.
"What’s your name?" he finally asked

"My name is Tina Le. I used to be a human. My dad kicked me out of his limo on Broom Haunted Street because I got in his way. A guy found me and chanted a spell in Latin and sent me here.  When I landed in that pool of blood, a boy helped me out. He smiled and sunk his teeth into my neck! That's why I will help humans even I though I am a vampire. I still remember what it’s like. Are you a human?"
"I am, but please do not tell! I mean DO TELL!" Doolish smiled.
"Don't worry I'll take care of that. Here,” she said, reaching into her pocket, pulling out a set of fake teeth. “Wear these to disguise yourself.”
The fangs shined in the moonlight.
"Wait," Doolish said, sticking the perfect new teeth into his mouth. "What if your people know that I'm a human?"
"Don’t worry. You look like one of us now.”
Tina pulled a book from her pocket with a grunt, and flipped through the pages. "Aha! Here it is: Quid tu, Tempus est cenare? Ibi percipiunt exi cibum!”
The wind blew and red mist blanketed everything.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Doolish screamed
“Yay!” Tina punched the air.
Wind slapped Doolish and Tina into some bushes.
"Hey Look!" Doolish said, "We’re in front of Party City.”
The smell of mango pudding welcomed Doolish and Tina into the store.
They searched the aisles and found the perfect costume.

"This Transylvanian Vampire is great," said Tina.
"Should we buy a costume for you?" Doolish asked.
“What?!!” Tina rolled her eyes. “I am a vampire. I don’t need the costume! Be smart, will you?”
"Well, today is Halloween," Tina yawned. "When are we going to go trick-or-treating?"
“Now,” said Doolish. “Let’s egg bomb someone’s house.”
They went to Walgreens and bought sixteen dozen eggs, and strutted down the sidewalk. They stopped in front of the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street. Tourists swarmed out of a bus, snapping pictures. Doolish started tossing the eggs over their heads.
Splat! Splat!
“Who goes there?!” A man stomped out onto the porch, holding a math textbook.
“It’s Mr. Holmes!” 
“Oh my god. Who?" Tina said.
Doolish shushed her.

"These houses are so fancy. How is he so rich?”
“Duh,” Tina rolled her eyes. “Gambling, probably.”
Tina threw all sixteen dozen eggs, blanketing the mansion with glop. Egg yolk stained Mr. Homes’ glasses. Doolish’s mom stepped out of the door with rings gleaming on her fingers. Tina rushed up the stairs, pulled the rings from her fingers and bit into the woman’s neck. Red filled her eyes, blood dripped down her chin. 
Tina snarled.