Thursday, October 23, 2008

Follow My Rules By Jennifer, age 10

Shut up, or I’ll shut you up. Stop texting, or you’ll pay the phonebill. Wash your hands in the chalkdust because I love it. Smell my feet. I washed them with soap. I love the color green. the color green makes me pretty. Give me four dollars please. I want to save up. The clock won’t be squeaky if don’t put barbeque sauce on it. Truly. Wash the floor. It’s sticky with tacky glue. Get off, it’s my turn. Let me play. Yurky is a weird word. Don’t be racist because that is horrible. Give me the remote. Please. I’m the boss here. Run faster! Slower! Just run faster please. I love that channel! Don’t change it or else I will pour hot brownie fudge with sprinkles on you. Don’t take something that is not yours. Don’t pick somebody else’s nose. Don’t steal from a bank or else you will go to jail. Always stand up straight or you will look weird when you are an adult. Don’t hold a knife or you will hurt yourself.

Snakes Are Warm by Stanley, age 9

Don’t punch the wall. Put tape on the floor, don’t punch the toad. Fly. Don’t fly. Don’t show your underwear. Don’t eat bugs or pull down your friend beccause you will cry. Go to jail or run an inch. Punch a piano and make music. Punch people’s teeth or slam your head on the toilet seat. Put a live snake in your shoe and see if it’s warm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A+ in Math by Tiana, age 10

Don’t play with the knife or you’ll get hurt, Don’t kick the ball over the fence or you can’t play any more, don’t hit people or you’ll feel guilty, Do your homework or get 50 lines of “I will do my homework everyday,” Flush the toilet or you’ll stink the room, Don’t cry or I will not play with you, Don’t call me a name because my real name is Tiana, Don’t day dream in the middle of the streets or you’ll get run over, Do what you’re supposed to do and you’ll be ok, Don’t pick on people or you’ll have no friends, be nice to others and you’ll have lots of friends, don’t drink beer while driving a car or you’ll get in to an accident, don’t land on the sun or you’ll become dust, Study hard and you’ll get an A, But I’m not good at math, Yes you are, Try hard, I’ll never get an A, You will.