Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wolves By Anna, age 9

There was a happy town and the people there never fought. Then one day a pack of wolves came to the town. When the wolves came, people in the town of Happiness started a food fight with brown bananas. The wolves crossed out “Happiness” and wrote “Wolf Town.” Each day more wolves came and the people started turning into wolves but only on the inside, so the other people still thought Happiness was the same. But later, when people got to Happiness and saw that the sign said WOLFTOWN, they started growing fur all over their bodies. When they read the sign the words became lasers that hit the people and this made them turn into wolves. More and more people came to see the town because they saw it on the news. People everywhere were talking about it.

One day a boy went to the town with his friends. They said, “Shouldn’t we be heading back home?”

“No,” said the boy as he picked his nose.

So they went through the gate to the town and everything was silent. They heard a howl. They were shivering. It was like a ghost town. Nobody talked. They only howled. A bunch of wolves surrounded them and the Wolf Governor came. He was the meanest wolf, that’s why all the other wolves voted for him.

“Why are you in my town?” the Wolf Governor said, stomping his feet. His voice was like a helicopter hovering over the boy’s head.

The kids were scared, but the boy said, “We are looking around, and why are you in costumes?”

“We are not wearing costumes,” said the Wolf Governor. “We are real talking wolves.” The wolves showed their teeth and claws as if they were about to have a feast.

The boy’s friends were tugging him because they wanted to go.

The boy said, “We heard that people who come here never leave.”

“They don’t because we have a laser that turns people into wolves. We wolves rock!”

“No you don’t,” said the boy, twitching his eye. He made his voice louder. “Humans rock! Humans have fingers and wolves don’t.”

“Wolves have paws. You humans disgust me. It’s time to eat our meal.”

The boy’s friends were tugging on him to turn around and go back home.

“No, I want to stay,” the boy said.

The wolves attacked the boy’s friends and put them in jail. It made them think of an old haunted house.
They were screaming, “Help!”

“We’ll keep your friends in jail unless you sacrifice yourself by letting us eat you instead.”

“He looks juicy and plump,” said one of the wolves.

“No! I do not want to get eaten,” the boy said.

“So you do not want to save your friends?”

“I do want to save my friends. How about a deal? I’ll let you eat my parents because they wanted to throw me out in the woods.”

The Wolf Governor thought about when he was a little wolf. His parents didn’t take very good care of him when he was a baby. He had to find his own food and his parents left him when they became billionaires. He had to raise himself so he really disliked parents.

“Ok we’ll eat your parents and let your friends out.”

“I’ll bring them here so you can feast on them, but let my friends out.”

“Ok, bring your parents tomorrow, then we’ll let your friends out. Now go back home so you can get ready for tomorrow.”

“Ok,” said the boy.

He went back home and went to sleep. The next morning the boy took his mom and dad to Wolftown. When they got there, the boy had some food so his parents could eat because they skipped breakfast. They played a thinking game and waited until night and the boy didn’t tell his parents that they would be eaten. When it was night, the boy’s parents told him it was time to go home, but he said no. They agreed to stay and did some exploring while the boy talked to the wolves.

The wolves came out and told the boy, “Are you ready to surrender your parents?”

“Yes. I am ready to let you eat my parents.”

“Good. Tell them that they will be eaten alive.”

“No, they will be scared, so instead I’ll say goodbye to them.”

The boy found his parents. “Good bye,” he said.

“Why are you saying goodbye?” said his parents.

“Because you are going to be eaten by wolves.” The boy got nervous so he told the truth.

“What? You want us to be dead?”

“I let them eat you so they would free my friends.”

“Well, they have to catch us first.” The boy’s parents ran as fast as they could. They ran out of Wolftown. The wolves didn’t catch them because they were too full from eating another boy.

“Now the deal is off,” said the Wolf Governor.

“You can’t keep my friends hostage.”

“Yes we can.”

“Let them go! Eat my parents! They went that way!” The boy pointed towards the gate to Wolftown.

The wolves followed the parents’ scent then they found them behind a tree. They snuck up behind the tree and caught the parents. The wolves built a fire and tied the parents to a pole and roasted them. When the parents were done cooking, the wolves ate them.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Anna. I am nine years old. I was born on October 12, 1998. This is my first published book. I was born in San Francisco then I moved to Sacramento, then I moved back again. I live with my mom. I like to draw. I’m good at reading and I want to be better at math. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian. I’m different from other kids because I was in a car accident. My biggest fear is falling off a cliff.

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