Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three Stories by Alina, age 8

The Brown Monster

I was scared of a brown monster. Its head was a drilling thing. I screamed, “Help! Someone help!” No one came to help. But a green monster killed the brown monter. I ran to my mom’s room. She was scared too, but my dad did not wake up.

The Penguin

I saw a penguin with three circles on its belly. The penguin was blue. But I liked it. Other penguins were black and regular. I went and touched the blue one. It was cold and furry. My mom touched it and she said it felt soft. I said, “I love penguins” after my mom touched it. A little bit later we went home. We were all talking about those penguins. I said, “The blue one was cute.”

The Dream

I saw a dog. It was barking at me. I went closer to it, and the dog licked my hand. I liked it but I was scared because I saw a huge bear behind the dog and it was white. Its eyes looked cold. There were all kinds of animals there. They looked like robots. They were a little bit shiny and they moved slowly.

About the Author

I am eight years old. I am in third grade. My name is Alina. I wonder about animals like wolves and dogs. Why are they sometimes nice and sometimes mean? I am afraid of spiders. They are spooky. I am good at kickball and two-square too sometimes.

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