Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random and Sparrow by Nathan, age 9

The leader teases Sparrow and hits him in the stomach. That’s why Sparrow wants to get payback. They live in a desert full of scorpions.

The leader says to Random, “Be my slave and if you don’t, then I will say you must die!” The leader is half human, half monster.

Sparrow and Random are brothers, but not anymore because Random betrayed Sparrow. Random betrayed Sparrow by working for the leader. Random thought Sparrow didn’t work hard enough to escape from being the leader’s slave.

Sparrow has green eyes and Random has red eyes and they wear different kinds of clothes.

Sparrow kills Random. He uses a magic sword. His magic sword has light powers and sun energy. Random’s body has meat inside and his face is red and wrinkled and his mouth is open.

The leader sees that Random is dead. The leader can close his eyes and see all over the place. He saw Sparrow kill Random. So the leader sends out his ten best spies to start attacking Sparrow. The spies are called Longoatsters. They wear capes over their muscular shoulders. When they walk in the woods they see Sparrow hiding behind some rocks. Sparrow doesn’t know what to do.

Powerful weapons come out of the Longoatsers’ bodies. The weapons look like metal orbs. When the Longoatsters rub their hands on them, the orbs get bigger and bigger. When the orbs are big, they throw them. When Sparrow sees it, it reminds him of a robot. It smells like toxic chemicals that can poison you to death. It tastes like nothing, nothing at all because it is clean.

The Longoatsters don’t know that Sparrow has a strong and powerful sword. When the sword swings, it shoots out light. Sparrow shines it at the Longoatsters’ eyes. They die because the light has poison in it.

About the Author

Nathan is nine years old. He lives in San Francisco with his mom, dad, sister, grandma and grandpa. He is good at writing about violence and playing war. Nightmares about zombies with red eyes that glow in the dark scare him.

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