Wednesday, March 17, 2010

STUNG by Wendy, age 7

Lili was born with flowers instead of hands, and the only thing she wanted was to live in the sky. Her hands were petals that opened and closed so she could hold things. Thorns grew all over her wrists. When she dreamed, she dreamed about living in the sky.

One day her dream came true. She went to the sky in her dad’s spaceship. He was an astronaut and he kept a small spaceship in their garage. When she got to the sky she met a star. The star’s name was Fluffy and her last name was Star and she liked Lili’s flower-hands because they smelled like roses and reminded her of an old friend who gave roses once.

Fluffy lived in a sky city. It had big buildings and houses, shops and restaurants. Lili was excited because there were so many things to see. Lili thought that it was fun in the sky. Lili and Fluffy played ball and jump-rope. Fluffy said, “You could sleep in my house.”

Fluffy took Lili to her room in the sky and showed Lili her stuff. “This room is for you Lili,” Fluffy said.
Lili liked her room. Fluffy showed her the living room, kitchen and back yard.

Lili said, “Nice.” She saw a TV, lamp, flowers in a pot, toys and pet bees that lived in a plastic cage. Fluffy took the bees out of the cage and played with them. Lili was scared to touch the bees because they were attracted to the pollen on her flower-hands and she worried they might sting her.

“I want to go home,” Lili said.

Lili built a flying car to travel home. She used her thorns as tools to screw together all the parts. Lili said bye to Fluffy and Fluffy said bye to Lili. Then Lili went back home and went to sleep in her own bed.

About the Author

My name is Wendy. I’m seven years old. I live on Polk Street in San Francisco with my mom, dad, brother and grandma. I like to read. I am good at reading and writing. I want to be good at drawing. When I grow up I want to be an artist. I am different from other kids because I talk quietly but my grandma says I talk loud. If I were a star I would be the sun because it heats the earth. I wish my brother would get along better with me. This is my first published story.

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