Friday, March 5, 2010

In Search of the Gaper-Blabber by Nathan, age 10

Chapter 1
Betrayed friend

Ben wore gentlemen’s clothes, a black suit that came with a tie. His wish was to be rich. Ben was looking for a secret, an ancient powerful thing called a Gaper-Blabber. He needed it to power his clone machine.

Ben jumped around the hotel lobby and threw daggers and marbles all over the place. The things stuck to his assistant’s sweaty body. His assistant was named Fluffy and he tripped over the marbles still on the floor. Fluffy got up and slipped down to the floor again. He jumped up and landed on the ground, and walked out the exit with Ben. They walked across the street to the Grand Mountain and they climbed to the top. They felt the ground shaking. Fluffy tried to balance, but he fell and rolled down the mountain. Every time Fluffy bounced on the ground he burped and spit out food and grew bigger, two feet taller with each burp. When Fluffy climbed back up the mountain, he fell back down.

Chapter 2
Mountain Trouble

As Fluffy rolled down the mountain he crushed Ben by accident. Ben was now flattened like a piece of paper. The wind blew and Fluffy returned to his normal size and Ben turned back to normal too. “Shut up Fluffy,” Ben said. They looked around the foot of the mountain for the Gaper-Blabber.

Chapter 3
The Gaper-Blabber

Ben and Fluffy were still at the bottom of the mountain, and it was foggy down there. Dark clouds came and made everywhere unseeable.

Zombies came out of nowhere. Their wrinkled skin fell off in blobs, their red eyes stung Ben’s skin like lasers and they walked towards Ben with their hands straight out in front of them. Ben and Fluffy tried to shoot them all, but it was very hard to kill them because there were too many of them. Fluffy found a machine gun on the ground next to a skeleton of a dead soldier. Fluffy picked up the gun and gave it to Ben. Fluffy threw his pistol at one of the zombie’s heads and a slice of its scalp fell off. He used the machine gun and fired the bullets rapidly at the zombies.

Ben and Fluffy looked for the Gaper-Blabber in the castle behind the Gate of Fate. The Gate of Fate was black and two bushes grew on each side of it. Behind the gate there were mysterious creatures.

The Gaper-Blabber was a type of blue gem. Its value was 98,467,998 dollars. The Gaper-Blabber was the rarest thing in the world. It could turn you into a maniac, give you good liver function and lots of Mana, but the most important thing was that the Gaper-Blabber would fuel Ben’s clone machine. They had to find it, then activate it with bone ingredients.

Chapter 4
The Castle

Ben and Fluffy entered the castle behind the gate. Ghosts appeared in front of them in the hallway. The phantoms carried lamps in there hands. Their blue eyes glowed like fire.

Ben and Fluffy found the Gaper-Blabber. It sat on a small red cushion in the center of the Room of Traps. Daggers hung from the ceiling. Two warrior statues were standing beside the Gaper-blabber. The room was dark. Small, slimy creatures in bowls sat on tables.

They saw a skeleton appear in front of them. It took out two swords and charged at them. Fluffy saw a rope and a stick on the ground and gave them to Ben. The skeleton smelled bad because it was dumped in the junkyard. It came to the castle because it wanted to live there, and train like a warrior. There was a training camp at the back of the castle. When the skeleton charged at Ben and Fluffy, they dodged it. Ben and fluffy distracted the skeleton and threw sticks at his head. The skeleton went dizzy. Ben and Fluffy stole the swords from the skeleton’s hand and they sliced it up. Ben and Fluffy got their first bone ingredients.

They put the bones in a black pot. Then they poured the slimy creatures into the pot and stirred in red, yellow and blue dye. They poured the mixture into the Gaper-blabber. Now their mission was complete. They had the fuel for Ben’s clone machine.

About the Author

Hi my name is Nathan I am ten years old. This is now my fifth published book. My other stories are Random and Sparrow, Future Wars, Future Wars II and About my Dad. I like video games and a lot of war. That is cool. I also like machine creations, creatures and cannons. I think when I grow up I want to create video games with my friend Jose. When I grow up I want to be a soldier because I want to stand and fight to save the country.

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