Monday, March 22, 2010

The Man Who Wants a Head by Stanley, age 10

Yang wants a head. He really wants a regular head so the killing time begins. He wants to kill someone and get their head and put it on his neck so he can show off. Now his new plan is to kill someone famous so he will look cool and so people will be so jealous of him.

He is the vice president of the Department of Fines. He talks through a box. He types what he wants to say into a computer and then a voice comes out of a box connected to it. There are glass eyes stuck to the box. When people pay their fines, he rolls the glass eyes at them.

This is how he kills. He grabs Jackie Chan and ties him on a chair then cuts his head off with a blade then he dies. This is how he attaches the head to his own body. He sews it on with a needle and thread. When Yang gets the new head he acts like the famous guy he just killed.

When people see him sing his happy song they say, “Good song,” because they do not want to be fined. Yang’s job is all about giving people fines so people are afraid of making him mad. But when Yang hears a guy named Mr. Earwax say, “Good song,” he wants him to get fined because Yang thinks it was a bad song, even though he was singing it. That’s what he did, fined the guy and then kicked him with a kung fu move.

About the Author

Hi my name is Stanley. I am ten years old. I like to go to the movies and play chess with my friend. I am good a math and science. Someday I want to be good at history. When I grow up I want to be a pilot. It really confuses me when math and science are together. If I were a disaster, I would be an earthquake because I want to see a lot things get destroyed for real. If I was granted one wish I would go to the past and see the 1906 earthquake.

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