Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How We Made our Class Mural by Holly & Kimberly, both age 9

At the beginning of the year, we got new lockers in our classroom, but actually they were not new. They were ugly and grey so we decided to cover them with a big collage of San Francisco.

We collected drawings, magazine clippings, pictures of street signs, pictures of kids in our class and photos of San Francisco landmarks.

The buildings are the biggest parts of the mural. To make them, first we drew the shapes of the buildings on paper. Then we cut them out and used sponges to paint them. We made window frame stamps out of foam and stamped the window frames onto the buildings then we cut out the windows and put pictures behind them so it looks like people are peeking out. We collected pictures of our families and put them behind the windows too and glued everything to the lockers with Mod Podge.

When you look at the road, you will see that it looks like a fantasy. First, we ripped up Chinese and English language newspapers and glued the pieces together into collages and used crumpled paper to paint the collages grey. Then our teacher cut the collages into sections of the road and we pasted them together on the mural. The road is sort of like a zigzag. When you look at the sky on the mural you will see stars, space ships, rockets and a helicopter.

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  1. Kimberly
    you write very well! I hope you will become a great artist one day! Actually I know you will be a wonderful artist! Continue to follow your heart and what you enjoy! You will go very far in life. (Jimmy)