Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The FF 200 by Stanley, age 8

Sam saw a jet. The jet was called the FF 200. It was blue and it was made out of metal. Sam went back to his house. He always liked to drink milk. His mom heard the telephone ring. She answered it and said, “Let’s go to Canada so we can have fun.”

The next day Sam and his mom went to the airplane. They got on with her friend. When they were on the airplane they looked out the window. They saw a jet. It was the same airplane Sam saw before, the FF 200. It was blocking the plane Sam and his mom were in because their plane had a bad pilot who couldn’t fly past the FF 200.

A man in the FF 200 said into a big speaker, “Your airplane gives you poisonous food. It will make you sick!” He told everyone in Sam’s airplane to get down from the plane. So Sam’s mom pressed a button then a ladder went down to the ground from the plane.

Then the bad pilot of Sam’s plane said, “No!” So the bad pilot pulled up the ladder and used it to slap the FF 200. The FF 200’s pilot used a machine to destroy Sam’s airplane. The pilot of the FF 200 pressed a button and then Sam’s airplane exploded. But everybody survived because they already escaped down the ladder.

About the Author

My name is Stanley I am eight and a half. I have a pet crayfish. It is fun to feed him. I am scared of nothing. I wonder if crayfish ever ride jets. My best friend is Ezra.

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