Friday, April 13, 2012

THE LOST VOICE By Jessica, age 8

A man with a beard and a star-covered dress hid in a trashcan in front of the Fillmore Auditorium. He pointed his wand at the building. He froze like a statue and thought about making Sally throw up. His magic sped through the wall and rested in her throat.


Sally walked onto the stage. Her braids flung back and forth in front of her face as she rumbled like an airplane. She threw up red stuff. She couldn’t sing because she was really embarrassed. They stopped the song and the guitarist called the doctor. The doctor said Sally could not sing anymore. “There are four people in your band, right?” the doctor said.

“Yep,” the guitarist said.

“You can’t finish the concert,” said the doctor.

The guitarist felt sad about Sally. The guitarist said bye and he hung up the phone.


Sally went to the desert because people say this is a good place to hide. Fog covered all the cactus. She saw a pile of mud. It was huge. Sally jumped in the mud. The mud was too hot. Her brain shut down. Her head spun like a tornado. A person ran out of the fog. Sally took a notebook and a pencil out of her backpack and wrote hi. The person waved his hand at Sally. She waved back. The person said, “My name is Jack.”

Sally wrote in her notebook, I can’t speak.

Jack yelled out loudly, “What’s up!!?”

Sally rolled her eyes at Jack and wrote in her notebook, I am not deaf! She pulled a large tent out of her backpack then Jack and Sally set it up and went to sleep. A plane landed in the desert. Sally and Jack woke up with their hair sticking up.

“Don’t worry,” Jack said. “That was just a plane landing on the sand.” Jack’s eyes popped out as if a bee buzzed inside his brain. “Let’s go outside!”

Sally and Jack ran outside. Jack said, “That is the biggest plane I’ve ever seen.”

Five men came out of the plane. One said, “Get in the plane.”

Jack said,” Okay.” Sally and Jack stepped into the plane.

Jack said, “Cool!”

The airplane flew and flew and landed in a park.

The men said, “Good bye.”

Sally and Jack wandered around the park. They saw a guy sitting on a bench by a fountain. He wore an army helmet and a coat made of feathers. He said, “My name is Sam.”

“Oh, hello, Sam,” said Jack.

“Do you want to come to my house?” asked Sam. “I have snacks.”

“Sure,” said Jack.

Jack and Sally followed Sam to his house.

Jack asked, “Can I go to bed?”

“Ok. We have a bed for you,” Sam said. “Go down to ninth door on the right. Sally, you can take the room across the hall. I have a vampire movie if you guys want to watch it with me.”

“Vampire movie, huh?” Jack said. “Well, how nice.”

Sam went into his room and Sally went to hers. She dropped her backpack on the rug. Its furry green hairs lay down under her shoes. She pulled out her dairy and wrote: November 12. I found a person who is a little fat. Sam is rich. He’s nice but his eyes glow red in the dark. She put her diary in her backpack. She stood up and opened the door. A sheet hovered in the doorway. She lifted the sheet. There was no one. A string hung from the sheet. Sally grabbed for the string but her hand went through the sheet! A ghost, Sally thought, and ran to Jack’s room. When she opened the door she saw Jack trapped in a birdcage. The man in the starry dress from the Fillmore Auditorium was there.

“Help, Sally!” yelled Jack.

“Ni gow nee mah!” said the wizard. The house shook. “Do you want me to let Jack out?”

Sally wrote on her notepad, yes!

“Then give me your hair!”

Why? Sally wrote.

“I need it for my collection.”

Jacked looked seriously at Sally. The wizard twitched his finger. Scissors and a bottle of hair spray floated into his hands. Sally snatched the scissors and snipped off her braids. The wizard’s hand turned into a gun. A pink puff giggled out of its barrel and came swirling toward Sally’s mouth.

“Sally!” said the pink puff. ”Eat me!”

Sally opened her mouth and swallowed the pink puff. She said, “Ah!! It tastes like ice cream!”

About the Author

Hi! My name is Jessica. I am eight years old. I live in San Francisco with my Mom, Dad, my brother, and my sister. I like to knit. My favorite book is The Big Adventures Of Majoko by Machiko Fujo. I go to Chinese School on Sundays. I am learning Mandarin. I already speak Cantonese. My favorite foods are chocolate cakes and chocolate ice cream. Yummy! I am also the author of In My Bakery.

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