Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HAIR HELP By Jessie, age 9

“Do you know where my I pod is?” Frank said, shuffling through Bob’s backpack. “What is all this stuff here?”

“It’s my stuff,” Bob said. “I need it for my style.”

A flight attendant pushed a cart down the aisle and said, “Do you want a beverage, sir?”

Frank said, “No thank you” and picked up a skinny can and reads its label. “A weightless spray with UV protection that gives polished shine and a sensuous, soft touch to the hair?”

“Well, doesn’t it?” Bob said, touching his hair.

“Don’t bring that next time!”

“You don’t know style.”

“I don’t care! Just don’t bring it!”

Bob didn’t answer. He looked through the window at the wing. “What’s that?”

A falcon flew into the one of the engines. Babies screamed. Bob and Frank grabbed their parachute packs. They jumped out of the plane. Their hair flew up and wind blew them through the sky. They pulled their parachute cords and two black canopies popped open above them.

Bob and Frank landed. All around them rubbery petals poked out of curvy-stemmed plants. Branches of boab trees clawed at the sky above them.

Bob said, “Good thing I brought the parachutes.”

They took off their parachute packs. “We’re probably somewhere in the outback,” Frank said.

“Let’s go that way,” Bob said, pointing at a cluster of tree “Frank! I'm scared that a wild animal will attack us.”

“Why, how do you know that there won’t be a wild animal the other way? There might be a sleeping tiger or a lion.”
“I just think this way is the right way.”

“How about Heads and Tales?”

“Okay then,” Bob said.

Frank pulled a penny from his pocket and said, “heads is left and tails is right.” Frank flipped the coin. The coin flew through the air and landed on Frank’s hand.

“Tails,” Bob yelled. “Let’s go.”

Thump thump. A kangaroo hopped in front of Frank. Frank stared at the kangaroo's eyes. It grabbed Bob by the shirt and shoved him into its pouch then hopped away.

Frank spotted Bob’s backpack on the ground. He opened it and found a flashlight and Bob’s skinny bottle of hairspray inside. He popped the cap off and shook it. He closed the backpack and followed the kangaroo into a cave. Frank turned his flashlight on and tiptoed. He found the kangaroo, shook the bottle of hairspray and sprayed it at its eyes. The kangaroo jumped around. Frank carefully pulled Bob out of the pouch and they ran for their lives. The kangaroo chased Bob and Frank to the edge of a cliff. Bob and Frank turned and looked down. Water swished and crashed onto jagged rocks. Bob and Frank closed their eyes and jumped off. They landed in the water and looked out at the sea around them. A cruise ship floated along the horizon. They waved and yelled, “Help!”

The ship sailed ashore and dropped anchor. The captain said, “Eight hundred dollars, please.”

“We’ll have to pay later. We don’t have any money.”

They boarded and Bob headed to the bathroom with the backpack. He came out with spiky hair a few minutes later and said, “Like my new hairstyle?”

“That looks cool,” Frank said. “I love you with spikes.”

“Are you mad at me?”


About the Author

Hi! My name is Jessie and I am nine years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, and brother. I like to draw, and I am good at reading and typing. I like reading adventure stories by other Room 2 authors because they have exciting action. My favorite is Election Day by Wendy. Some day I want to be good at kickball. When I grow up I want to be a pharmacist because my cousin is. I am also the author of A Dangerous Day in King Tao’s Palace.

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