Thursday, March 17, 2011

THE BAD EXAMPLE By Arnold, age 9

"I dare you!" John said.
"No," Jason said.
The crowd said, "Go go go go go!"
"No," Jason said.
"I will give you thirty dollars," John said.
"Do not bribe me with money!" Jason said.
"You scardy cat," John said.
"Am not," Jason said.
Are to," John said.
"Shut up," Jason said.
"You scardy cat," said John.
Jason said, "Am not."
John said, "Prove it."
Jason ran up to a tree and hugged its trunk. He reached for a branch and he missed. He stretched his arms as he dropped and hurt his backbone and his ankle on the ground. He looked at the dirt. Mealworms wiggled through the grass and ants carried leaves to their anthill.

Jason woke up in the hospital. He had a cast on his ankle. His parents came to see him.
His mom said, "What happen? Your teacher said you were hurt. Are you okay?”
"I'm fine," Jason said. "Can we go home now"?
They went home and Jason’s parents told him to never listen to that boy.

The day Jason got his cast off he went outside for recess. He climbed the monkey bars. John pulled on his leg and Jason kicked him in the face. A purple bruise oozed on his cheek and broken teeth fell out of his mouth.

Two kindergarteners named Steven and Nick saw John and Jason fighting. They watched for a while then Steven stepped on Nick's foot. Nick yelled and punched Steven in the stomach. Steven whacked nick in the face. John and Jason heard the little kids fighting and broke it up. Their teacher heard about what they did. She said, “Can you both stop those little kids if they fight again?”
Jason and John thought about it and both said, “Ok” then they started home together.
“I’m gonna get you,” John said.
“I’m gonna hunt you down.”

About the Author

My name is Arnold. I’m nine years old. I live on Eddy Street in San Francisco with my two brothers and my mom and dad. I like to draw and swim. I want to be good at math someday. When I grow up I want to be an FBI agent. I wonder why whales have spouts. Why not gills? If I were weather I would be rain so I could help save water. I wish my brothers and I would get along so my mom won’t be in pain.

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