Monday, April 26, 2010


When Pigger got out of jail, he was mad at his brain because it got out of his head and ruined his plan. So Pigger went back to his lab. He made a new brain out of metal and glass from broken TVs. He kept on hitting it until new brain looked like a gray cloud. It was harder than the old one. Pigger took the cactus out of his skull and replaced it with the new brain.

Then he made a robotic jumbo bird. The bird looked liked a robin but bigger and with needles on its legs. His old brain destroyed his first jet. He went into the bird's control room and took off. Pigger couldn't find the brain anywhere. The brain saw Pigger flying to town. The brain called its robot henchmen to go to town and stop Pigger. So they flew by jetpack. It took so long.

''Huff puff,'' moaned the robots.

''Quit moaning!'' shouted the brain. The brain slapped the moaning robot ten times. Then they saw Pigger flying on in his robot bird. The brain told the robots to shoot. But shooting was not damaging the bird. Soon the brain had an idea. There was a hole on top of the bird for ventilation. The brain flew to the top with its jet pack, right into the control room.

Pigger spotted the brain. ''So we meet again,'' said Pigger. ''You are gonna pay for what you have done to me.'' Pigger took out two super zapping hammers, powered by electricity with irons heads. ''Prepare to be ham.'' Pigger tried to smash the brain. But the brain was much faster than him. The brain tripped Pigger. The brain took one of Pigger's hammers and attacked him. SMASH! ZAP! TACK! Pigger was dizzy.

"You win,'' said Pigger. ''But can you beat this?" Click. He pressed a button on his hand.

The bird was going to blow up. Then the brain had an idea. The brain pressed the FORCEFIELD button in the control room and a huge bubble formed around the bird and a tunnel stretched from the bird deep underground. Then the brain got out through the hole in the top of the bird and Pigger escaped underground. Boom!

The police dug Pigger out.

“You are going to jail again,” one of the cops said.

“Why?” PIgger said.

“You almost destroyed the whole town,” said the other cop.

''NOOOOO!!!'' cried Pigger ''Can this get any WORSE!" Then his new brain jumped out. (His skull was still open.)

''Hooray!" said the new brain. "I am free!” From now on I'll be called Pig." Then it ran away.

''NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!'' shouted Pigger. ''I will get you next time!''

About the Author

Hi, my name is Kenny. I’m eleven years old. I want to be a doctor when I grow up and I like to jump on the bed. I am hyper. If I were a planet I would be Pluto because I like to be cold. I wish it would snow all over California a little bit. This is my sixth published book. I am also the author of Bumpy’s Day, Bumpy & the Icebird, The Robots’ Revenge, My Mom and Tension Time.

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