Wednesday, April 28, 2010



My earliest memory is the first time I broke my leg.
I was so shocked.
I didn’t sleep.
I was seven and a half years old.
I lived in San Francisco
My mom and dad said, “We were worried about you.”
I said, “It was very hurt.”
I had to wear and brace and it hurt.
This memory smells like sweet strawberries because I feel my parents caring about me.
If this memory were a color it would be blue because when I got out of the hospital,
I looked up and I saw the sky.
I thought about the sky above my grandparents’ house in China.
Blue reminds me of them a lot.


My uncle smelled a little bit like watermelon.
He was driving me and my family from the airport to his house.
We just got to America.
In the plane ride I sat in the middle and I wanted to look out the window,
But I couldn’t see.
I knew there was an ocean out there.
I wanted to see a whale.
From the sky,
it would look tiny.

First Day of School

I sat on a bench in the yard,
all alone.
I wondered if my classroom would be blue.
The bell rang.
I had to line up.
I was very nervous
because I had never spoken English before.
Mrs. Youna took our class to our room.
The room was not as blue as I thought it would be.
I was scared that the other kids would make fun of me
because I couldn’t speak English as well as them.
That happened a little,
but there were some other kids who didn’t know that much English either.
When I got home I ate some fruit.
I don’t know what kind of fruit,
but I know it was fruit.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Betty. I am nine years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma and three cousins. My favorite thing to do is play cards with my mom and dad. I taught them how to play “Speed.” I am good at playing four-square. When I grow up I want to be good at typing fast. I want to be a doctor because I want to help sick people. If I were a kind of weather I would be sunshine because it makes plants grow.

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