Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Robots' Revenge by Kenny, age 10

Bumpy and Jumpy went for a walk in the rainforest. Bumpy was a yellow dog with electrical powers. Jumpy was a blue dog with a magic bag. In front of them was a hole covered with leaves, but they didn’t see the hole. They stepped on the pile of leaves and fell down like flies running out of energy. Luckily Jumpy had two balloons already blown up. But the balloons were too small to carry them out of the hole. POP! The balloons popped because a leaf dragon dropped some sharp leaves into the hole. Then they fell down.

‘’Ahhhhhhhh!’’ cried Jumpy.

“Wee!’’ barked Bumpy. CRASH!

“Ouch!’’ said Jumpy.

“Boy that was fun!” said Bumpy. “Can we do this again?”

“Never!’’ cried Jumpy. ‘’How about this, if you help me I will give you my Gameboy. But you have to come too.’’

“Okay,’’ said Bumpy.

So they tried to use vines, a jump rope, and a metal ladder from Jumpy’s magic bag. A bear came out of a cave in top of the mountain. The bear bit and bit the vines until they broke. Next, they tried the jump rope but a baby leaf dragon thought the jump rope was food. So it used its sharp teeth to chew it. When it was done, the jump rope broke. Last, they tried the metal ladder. “I hope this works,’’ said Jumpy hopefully. When they put the ladder up, animals came from the trees and attacked the ladder. Some thought it was food, so they bit it. But the ladder was so hard that some of them broke their teeth. “Hooray!’’ said Jumpy.

“Let’s continue on our walk,’’ said Bumpy. When they got to a plain they saw two tents. When they looked inside the first tent, no one was there. Next they looked inside in the second one and went in. Bubble was in there with a cat. The cat’s name was Sharpy. It was yellow. It also had sharp claws.

“Meow (hi),’’ said Sharpy.

“RUN AWAY!!!” screamed Jumpy. His scream almost exploded the whole forest.

“I thought that dogs (or puppies) are not afraid of cats (or kittens),” said Bumpy. Jumpy said nothing. Suddenly the tent was in the sky. There were two robots holding the tent. The two robots shook the tent. That made Bumpy fall down on the ground. Suddenly two robot bosses showed up.

“Thank you for screaming Jumpy,’’ Laughed one boss.

“Look what you have done Jumpy,’’ said Bubble.

“RETREAT!’’ screamed Jumpy.

Instead Bubble pushed a button. The tents turned into tanks. Bumpy, Bubble, and Sharpy went into the first tank. Jumpy went into the second tank. The bosses called their robot army. Their army was made out of robots and with wheels for legs. Bubble threw a bomb and it hit a robot. BOOM! Five robots were destroyed. They looked liked a flat cars. But there were still more robots.

“This is going to be a complicated battle,’’ said Bubble.

About the Author

Hi my name is Kenny, I am ten years old. I’m going to into fifth grade. My favorite TV shows is Yug-i-oh, 5D, Pokemon, Sonic, Kirby and Bakugan. I’m also the author of Bumpy’s Day, Bumpy and the Icebird, and My Mom. This is my fourth published book.

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