Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Name by Anna, age 11

My American Name

Hi my name is Anna. I found out that my name means “joyful and merciful.” A nurse from San Francisco General Hospital named me. My parents liked the name because it was easy to remember. I like my name because it is a palindrome.

My Chinese Name

My chinese name is Fong Mei Na. My grandpa named me. The character for Fong is similar to the character for horse. My great-great grandfather’s last name used to be the character that means horse (ma). He worked for the governor and he was about to get killed so he moved to a far-away place and added two lines to the character for his name and it became the name Fong. This way he changed his identity and this is why I am a Fong. Mei means “have a good life” and “pretty.” Na means “have good things.” So my name means good things and good life and pretty. I was given this name because my grandpa wanted me to have a good life and things. I think I have a good life, but just a little bit because sometimes bad things happen to me.

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