Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BUZZ! BUZZ! FLUTTER! FLICK! By Emily & Vanessa, both age 8

gleam in
the night sky, 
an owl hoots on a branch
under fluffy clouds.
The rising sun shimmers up
through the tree branches,
and hummingbirds suck nectar
from blooming jasmine.
When it rains the drops will land on lavender and daisy petals,
sprinkle onto their leaves, trickle down their stems. 
The sun will slowly return, shining onto
whirling puddles,
and Painted Ladies will flicker their
wings against sunflower petals that
will flutter and sway across a bed of grass
where deer legs will kick beneath
pecking tough tree trunks.
Buzz! Buzz! Flutter! Flick!

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