Thursday, August 1, 2013

JACK'S PROBLEMS By Spencer, age 10


Jack scoops the batter up.
He pours it on the pan and oil spatters everywhere.
Flames rise and steam flutters across the hallway.


Jack chases his dog.
He slips on his chessboard and crashes into the stove.
Jack’s blood drips like water onto the burners.
Steam and smoke whoosh up to the ceiling.


Behind the starting line, Jack stretches.
The referee points the gun it the air and pulls the trigger. BOOM!
Jack digs into his pocket and pulls out some metal things.
The pieces rattle and their hooks stab the ground.
He picks them up and puts together a jetpack.
A bird poos on the referee’s head and
he covers his eyes with his hands, 
and runs to the bathroom.
On Jack’s last lap, the jetpack runs out of gas.
The ref sees him from the bathroom and blows his whistle.
Jack ignores him and keeps on going.

Emptying The Trash

Jack goes down to the basement to dump the garbage.
The can is full of rotten food and dirty napkins.
Red and green eyes glow in the dark.
A monster roars. 
Jack throws the can and runs up the stairs.
He turns on the light and the monster
disappears into the trash can.

Bus Ride

Jack looks out the giant window and sees a meteor.
A red oval with a flaming tail shoots across the sky.
Jack calls 911.
“911. What’s your emergency?”
Jack shouts, “A meteor is coming.”
“That is not a meteor. It is the sun.”
“Oops,” says Jack.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Spencer. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad and brother. I am ten years old. Soon I will be in middle school. I am also the author of Kim Goes to Hawaii and My Confusion. My favorite book we read in Room 2 is The Hobbit because it has a lot of war and a dragon. I like writing poetry because you can make a few words say a lot.

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