Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HOW TO JOIN THE ARMY By Brandon, age 10

Ben and John walked into the military recruitment center. They sat down in the waiting room. Someone slammed a door. The painting hanging on it shook from a hook. At the edge of the frame, a girl crouched on top on of a hill, holding an M-16. A man opened the door and stomped into the waiting room. His clothes were stiff. The light reflected off his boots and greasy hair. “Next please.” 
Ben and John followed the man through the door.
“Hi, I’m Colonel Wong,” the man said. “Have a seat. It says on this paper that you dropped out of high school. Is that right?””
“Yes,” Ben said. “But we have something to show you. We have a video of us catching a bad guy.”
“I think we’re done here,” said Colonel Wong.  
“Wait,” John said. “It’s right here on my phone.” He showed Colonel Wong the screen. It showed the Super Bowl on John’s TV. The score was tied, seventeen to seventeen. The camera zoomed in on the quarterback.
“49ers Touchdown!” said the announcer.
“Yes! Touchdown! ”Ben said.
On screen, John stomped over to the window and snatched the remote from the sill. 
Bang! Bang! 
“That guy in the black coat shot a man on the sidewalk!” John said. “Should we call the cops or shoot him?” 
“Oh my god!” Ben said, and snuck over to the window and peeked at the street.
  “Let’s call the cops.”
“Hurry up!” They ran down the stairs and out the door.  
“The guy saw us,” John said.
“He’s running down Pine.”
“He’s shooting more people.” 
Ben glared at a neon sign. “Gun shop.” 
“Let’s go inside and grab an Ak-47,” Ben said, running inside. “Give me an AK-47.”
“Aren’t you two too young to have a gun?” said the man.
“Shut up and give me the freaking gun,” John said. 
Ben grabbed the gun and John opened the door. Ben fell onto the cement. “This thing is so freaking’ heavy,” Ben said.
“Drag the gun!” John said. “We both saw the man running down that street.”
“Give me that phone,” Colonel Wong said. “This is a great video to show what to not do,” said Colonel Wong.
“So are we in?” said Ben.
 “I guess, but you have to fill out more papers.


Hi my name is Brandon. I am ten years old. I live with my dad, mom, sister and brother in San Francisco. I am good at sports. I like to eat and sleep. When I grow up I want to be a firefighter. I am also the author of Because They Smell, Trip to Vietnam and Shadow Cliffs.

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