Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SAD PROMISE, Poetry by Jessica G., age 9

Aunts  Story 

We gave Jessica a little 
encouraging pat 
before ice-skating. 
It didn’t hurt 
but we’re not going to tell you where we patted her. 
She wobbled onto the ice. 
The skaters in the center of the rink twirled like parasols 
but Jessica stood at the edge 
and held onto a nail. 
She fell down two times and she really wanted to take off her gloves.
When it was time to leave she let go of the nail and slid to the door. 
She came to us.
She sat down on the bench 
and ate chips 
and drank 7up.


Sasa is my Aunt’s dog. 
When she sleeps 
her fur is her blanket. 
Sarah is a fish I won on May Game Day. 
I threw a ping-pong ball into the cup where she swam.
Oops, Bon-Bon, Chan, Nancy Drew, Fireland, and Moon are fishes my dad bought from the store. 
They march around the tank like they are in a parade. 
Junior was my crayfish. He died and my dad threw him in the trash.
We bought two new ones. Girls. I could tell because of the light color under their tales. 
Then one day the big one ate the small one. 
This is what David told me.
Now the big crayfish is making friends with David’s pet turtle.
I can tell because the two creatures look at each other all night and day. I peeked. 
The weirdest part is that I don’t even know the names of these pets.
When the turtle shuts his eyes it looks like he’s smiling.
Now all of my pets are dead.
A sad promise.

Bacon Smell Soup

My grandma’s soup is the best! 
No one else knows how to make the soup. 
I call it Bacon Smell Soup. 
She learned to make it 
from God. 
One day when she was practicing her English 
she heard a man’s voice in her head. 
The voice told her the ingredients. 
She never 
writes down the recipe
and she still knows how to make it 
after 33 years.

Bike Crash   

Last month 
the 8X bus 
my Gong-gong. 
He was riding his bike through Chinatown. 
He fell down on his head. 
The bus diver was shocked. 
The ambulance siren wailed. 
The hospital has his bike. 
His bruise is gone now. 
My mom gave him a new bike for his birthday.
I think he deserves it.
When he rides, his tires whirl like pinwheels.

The Almost-Gift

My dad almost brought me a Monster High Doll. 
He brought it to the cashier 
but I said, “Don’t buy it!” 
even though 
I wanted it. 
From inside her box,
her eyes stared at me.
I felt like her mind was controlling me.
I didn’t want to waste my dad’s money on a toy. 
I wanted him to use his money for tools and food and shelter. 
My dad was not smiling. 
I knew he was sad because of his lips.  
They hung down like a banana.
In the middle of the store,
a remote control car spun around on a table.
The sign next to it said,
Play it or you’ll be sorry.
David grabbed the lever.
The car squealed
and crashed.

About the Author

Hi I am Jessica. I live with my mom, dad, brother, and sister. I love to knit! When I grow up I want to be famous for fashion design. My dresses will be knitted out of colorful yarn. You know that I am really good at yelling? I want to be good at drawing anime. My favorite book is Rurouni Kenshin by Nobuhiro Watsuki. I wonder if vampires are real. The saddest part of in my life is that I am going to get old and die. If I could chose a super power I would choose to stop time the year before I was born so David wouldn’t have me to bug. All of my family went to awesome places like China, Great America, and Reno. But not me. I really want to go to China. I speak English and Cantonese at home. I am also the author of In My Bakery and The Lost Voice.  

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