Monday, July 16, 2012

MY CONFUSION By Spencer, age 9

My confusion lives in the North Pole
because he likes 
cold places.
He wears toilet paper
because he wants to be a mummy.
He swallows 
vanilla ice-cream
because he loves white.
He loves white because it is nothing,
and nothing doesn’t hurt his head.
He breathes fire
to burn the people
who put him in jail.
He breaks windows 
because he needs the glass for protection.
I wish he would go to sleep.

About the Author

My name is Spencer. I am nine years old. I live with my mom, dad and little brother. Some day I want to be better at math. If I were a season, I would be summer because I like vacations. If I could go back in time, I would go to the year 1912 so I could watch the Titanic sink. I am also the author of Kim Goes to Hawaii.

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