Thursday, March 29, 2012

ICE CREAM By Tai, age 10

Now I am ten and I want to sleep
but I need to wash the dishes and my family’s clothes.
Just kidding!
In the future I want to drive an ice cream truck.
If people don’t buy my ice creams I will get to eat them all!
If I don’t make any money I will just sleep in my truck.
When I am fifty I’ll be sad because I will be old and not young
and children will be able to jump and play,
but not me.
I will just want to be a cloud
and go wherever the wind takes me.

About the Author

My name is Tai. I am ten years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. If I could choose any super power, I would choose the power of invisibility because I want to be able to sleep anytime without anyone seeing me. I want to be good at cutting paper someday. I am also the author of Hill of the Dead, Todd and Ben, and Because They Smell.

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