Friday, July 29, 2011

THE RACE By Manuel, age 9

“It’s time to race,” said Jack’s coach.

Fans screamed and clapped. Jack got into his car behind the starting line. Buttons flashed on the dashboard. He heard the starting gunshot and hit the gas. He was in the lead then a car passed him but Jack caught up and crashed into it. Jack stayed in the lead. In the final lap, Jack’s car lost a wheel. His coach came running with a new wheel and tools. He fixed it and Jack was back in the lead. He crossed the finish line but crashed into the stands. He was injured. He bumped his head and cut his hand. He felt a lump growing on his forehead. Everybody cheered. A man ran to Jack’s wrecked car with a prize. Jack was happy and he almost cried.

It was time for Jack’s next race. He put on his helmet.

His coach said, "You can do it!"

Jack was ready. He went outside. A lot of people whistled and clapped. Jack got into his car. The race started. Jack was in second place, but a car passed him. The car crashed into Jack, and Jack went rolling until his car stopped. Medics ran to the crash.

“He’s injured,” said a doctor. “We have to take him to a hospital. He has a broken leg."

A the hospital Jack asked the doctor, "What happened?"

The doctor said, “You crashed."

“How many days do I have to stay in the hospital?" Jack said.

The doctor said, “Six days. You need an x-ray. You have broken feet."

"Can I still race?" said Jack.

"Yes you can,” said the doctor.

Six days passed. Jack left the hospital. He went to his next race. Jack saw his coach at the track.

"Sorry," said Coach.

"Why?" said Jack

"Because someone else took your spot."

Jack left sadly and alone. He heard someone scream from the racetrack then he saw flames. Jack ran to the track. There was a man inside a burning car. He screamed. No one was helping him. Jack didn't know what to do. Jack ran fast. The burning car was going to explode. Jack tried to take the man’s seat belt off. "Where is the button?” said Jack.

"It’s on the other side, where the fire is," said the guy.

Jack ran around the car to the other door. He stuck his hand through the flames and pushed the button. He jerked his hand out fast but he was burned." Are you ready?" said Jack. Jack grabbed the man. The car exploded with a big kaboom! The man’s face was burned. Jack covered the man’s face with his jacket because it looked so awful. Fans were hurt from the explosion. Children were crying and lost. Everybody looked at Jack and clapped. Jack was happy. Then the ambulance came. The paramedics asked Jack if he was ok.

Jack said, "Yes."

"Thank you for saving the man," said one of the medics. “But you’re really burned. You should get in the ambulance.”

Jack didn't talk. He ran to his house. Jack looked in the mirror. Jack saw his face. It was burned all over. His skin was black and falling off. Jack didn’t want to go outside. He was afraid that everybody would be scared of his burns.

The next day Jack grabbed a Mexican wrestling mask and put it in his face. Jack got on the bus. People stared at him. He got out at the racetrack. Jack saw his coach.

“Jack,” Coach said. “You should go to the hospital.”

“I want to race.”

Jack got in a car behind the starting line. The gun shot. Jack went fast. When jack got to the final lap he pressed a button that made his car go faster. Something was wrong with his wheel. His car flipped over and crashed into the wall. One of his legs flew across the track. A doctor ran onto the track. “He’s dead,” the doctor said.

But Jack was pretending.

When they took Jack to the cemetery, his friends did not bring flowers. Jack screamed for help from underground but nobody heard him.

About the Author

My name is Manuel. I am nine years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad and three sisters. I like to play with my friends. I am good at kickball. I want to get better at math. When I grow up I want to be a police officer. My favorite books are the Goosebumps books because they are scary stories. I want to be famous for building houses. The scariest moment of my life was the time I got lost in Walgreens. If I could choose any super power, I would choose the power to be invisible so I could scare bad people. My family comes from Mexico. I would like to go there some day because I have never been. I am also the author of When I Got Hurt.

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