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Chapter 1
The Meeting

The sun shined through the leaves of the rainforest. King Tao hid Easter eggs in the branches of the trees. Some of the eggs had powers and some were empty. Some were full of goods like bananas, fish, and leaves. Others contained magical crystals. The evil crystals were red. One kind of crystal could blow you up if you touched it. Another kind of crystal could give you special powers. King Tao invited the forest animals to the egg hunt. The animals brought their own Easter egg baskets and wore their own bunny suits to King Tao’s palace.

The king said, “Hi everyone! You are all on time. Are you ready to search?”

They all nodded and went off to search for Easter eggs.

Chapter 2
The Hunt

A bunny named Jill found an Easter egg in the bushes. Jill fell, the egg broke. The crystal inside shined red and it gave her the power to control anybody she hugged. Jill went home and hugged her mom.

“What can I do?” Jill’s mom said.

“What?” Jill said. “Mom do I have powers?”

Jill’s Mom said in a nice voice, “I see that you have powers because I need some instructions.”

Jill returned to the egg hunt. King Tao watched.

“Hi King Tao!” Jill said. “I have powers. I love them! I want to have a fight with you.”

“Why?” King Tao said.

“I want to be ruler of the forest,” said Jill.

The other animals heard Jill’s challenge and wandered over to listen. “Do it!” they said.

“No!” said King Tao.

“Are you scared?” said a monkey.

“I want that bunny to change the laws we can eat candy,” said a bird.

“Hold on, I’m getting a text,” said King Tao.

“Hurry up King Tao,” said Jill.

“I need to go to the muffin store,” said King Tao. “My muffin order is ready.”

“I know the muffin shop is closed now,” another Bunny said.

“Prove it,” said King Tao.

“I own it!” said a bird. “I closed it today for the egg hunt.”

“Now, what are you going to do?” said another squirrel.

“Alright, alright,” King Tao said.

“Let’s fight on the palace stage,” Jill said. “All the animals can watch.”

“Okay,” King Tao said. “Wait in the palace.”

Chapter 3
The fight

The king’s lab was next door to his palace. He went there and got two of each kind of crystal from his shelves. He shook his hands diagonally. Strong wind blew in invisible waves. There was a swift sound. Jill was still in the palace. She felt a shock run through her body.

“I am ready,” King Tao called to Jill in the palace. “Walk through the door on your right.”

Jill opened the door. She saw King Tao’s crystals lying all over a table.

“The pink ones are for you,” King Tao said.

King Tao and Jill punched their crystals. It sounded like a whole bunch of glass cups breaking and it looked like stars shining.

They saw a door covered in spiders and ants. They walked through the door. It led to a stage with a staircase on each side. King Tao walked up the staircase on the left and Jill walked up the staircase on the right. A pedestal sat in each corner of the stage. All the animals from the egg hunt were watching from seats in front of the stage.

King Tao waited to see what Jill would do. Jill closed her eyes and stomped. The floor cracked. Sharp pieces of ice shot out of the stage. King Tao melted the blades by flicking his hands through the air and strong wind blew. The pieces of ice on the floor melted. Jill moved her hands left and right and the magic made the time go faster. She moved her hands up and down. The magic made a tiny earthquake. King Tao blew at the pedestal and a big round stone fell from it and bounced like a ball.
Jill yelled, “What is that?”

King Tao said, “Bye!” He walked off stage and headed for the muffin shop. “Mmm. Blueberry is my favorite.”

The ball landed on Jill. It sounded like an explosion.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Jessie. I’m eight years old. I live with my mom, dad and brother in San Francisco. I like to sit and talk to my friends. I’m good at reading and drawing. My favorite books are adventure stories. I want to be good at playing kickball. When I grow up I want to be an artist. My teacher thinks I have a sneaky face sometimes even though I am never sneaky. This is my first published book. My life is perfect!

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