Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Bill dribbled the ball across the court. It was snowing and he slipped on the ground. His opponent had a red nose. He took the ball from Bill and won. What a clown, Bill thought. Bill felt bad that he lost the game and left the court. He decided never to play basketball again. He decided to become a soldier. He became an archer and joined the Anti-Goblin League and his unit was sent out to the front lines on the shores of the Sea of Sadness.

Seals and turtles played on the shore. The archers practiced shooting at them. Bill hit one of them and killed it. They gutted it with a stick. They made a fire on their boat and cooked the seal and ate it. Bill said, "I think this is burned."
“Now Bill you have to go fight the goblins,” said the captain. "Your mission is to save the people held captive by the goblins in the Megan hotel in Hawaii."
“Don’t call me Bill. You call me master now."
“Yes master."
The captain turned to the archers behind him. "Ty, Rush and Fire, you three go too."
“Let’s go archers,” said Bill.
Yes Bill,” Rush said.
"Watch out," Bill said. "The goblins are here now! Behind you! Use your arrows!"

The goblins moved slowly. Their eyes were made of fire and they smelled like chili. The goblins dodged the arrows. They took down Ty. Bill walked over and said hi to the monster and slashed the goblin and it fell on the ground and came back up and slashed Bill's hand off with a dagger. Bill fell down but he did not cry. Bill cut the goblin's heart out of its body. Bill kept on slashing and it died.
Bill and the archers looked at the sea. Some sailboats had washed up on the sand. They picked a big one with a lot of color. They sailed to Hawaii. It was windy and it took an hour. When they got there, they found a spooky hotel on the beach. It was spooky because the goblins were already there! Bill and his men had to rescue the people in the hotel. "Go go, go and go," Bill said.
Bill tiptoed through the front entrance of the hotel. Bill, Ty, Rush and Fire looked behind the desk and in the rooms.
The goblins came out of the doors so Rush shot them.
"You will die," Bill said. Slash. "Now run, run and run."
They ran. The rug was on fire and their feet burned but still they saved the people in the hotel. They carried he people out on their backs. They couldn't run because they had cuts on their feet.
Bill and the archers went back to the boat with the people they saved from the hotel. A turtle and her babies climbed on the boat with their tails. Bill, Rush and Fire got on the boat then they went fishing.
The mother turtle attacked the rescued people with her tail because she thought they were threatening her babies. Bill, Fire and Rush built a fire. Boom!!!! A gun. The goblins were back in a boat next to the archers' boat. The goblins were climbing on board!

"Hey," Fire said to the goblins. "There's a boxing ring at the other end of the deck. Meet us there so the innocent people won't get hurt."
The goblins made grunting sounds and headed for the ring.
"We are the best at this," Bill said. "We will not lose."
The people from the hotel were crowded into the ring because there wasn't any other room for them on the boat. Bill ran to the ring. "Oh no," Bill said. "We forgot the hotel people are here. We need a new place to fight. How about that pool?"
"Ok," Fire said.
The archers and the goblins jumped into the pool. The archers' bows and arrows got wet and they didn't work right. Bill shot arrows at a goblin but it was already dead and sunk to the bottom of the pool so the arrow missed and hit Fire instead. Then Rush called a helicopter to bring help. It comes right away and Rush and fire leave in fly back to base. All the goblins were dead and Bill was alone with them.

At the base, the master yelled at the sky. "Bill, where were you?"
"He's on the boat with the dead goblins," Rush said.

Bill climbed out of the pool. He looked at all of the dead goblins floating in the water. One looked like a clown. It reminded him of the red-nosed guy he played basketball with.

About the Author

My name is Dustin. I am nine years old. I live in San Francisco with my mom, dad, sister and my brother. I like to do play the Wii. I am good at drinking milk fast. When I grow up I want to be on a SWAT team. If I were a plant I would be a rose and when people picked me up they would get poked. This is my second published book. I am also the author of My Enemy.

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