Saturday, August 14, 2010

HOW I FEEL By Andrew, age 8

This poem is part of a class poetry project inspired by the song "Old Glory" By the band Harvey Milk.

How do you think my puppy feels,
when a kid throws a rock at its head
and I have to take it to the hospital?
How do you think my baby bird feels
when his mama is not with him
because she is getting food?
How do you think my baby sister feels
when she trips on the stairs when she’s running?
How do you think the zoo animals feel
when their cages are full of garbage?
I felt this way after my birthday party.
Do you ever feel this way?
What would you do if you were lost in the forrest?
Do not run.
Wait for the sun to shine
in the north,
and west.
Then you will be free.
I did this before.

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