Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The King who Lost his Crown by San, age 9

Rain came down from the sky and then thunder and then lightning. It was so bad that when the lightning stopped, for a few seconds a giant, dusty tornado swirled through the sky. The tornado was so windy that it blew away the King Frog’s crown! The river flooded the town. All of the tadpoles in the river were shocked. The tadpoles said, “Oh, we think we’re going to die!” The tadpoles wanted to be safe so they hid under a safety rock. The tornado blew away the lily pads and made the waves of the river grow huge! The tornado stopped. Frog's house under the bridge was ruined when the bridge crashed down into the river, tearing and blowing away the lily pads and lotuses. Only a little bit of water was left in the river.

King Frog wanted to get his house fixed so he called Froggy the Builder. Froggy the Builder came to Frog's house and fixed it.

Froggy the Builder looked at King Frog and said, "Why are you still mad?"

Frog said, "Because I was suppose to be the king of this river but I lost my crown."

Froggy the Builder said, "Too bad, too sad, are you unglad?"

"Well of course," said King Frog.

Froggy the Builder left the river. King Frog had an IDEA! King Frog reported the crown he had lost to a TV news program. He called a TV news reporter named Maggy. Maggy showed up to do the interview at Froggy's house with a cameraman.
Maggy said, “In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 and action!! The cameraman pressed the button play.

“What is your name sir?”

“I’m a king of the river and my name is King Frog. I lost my crown in a windy tornado.”

Maggy said, "How are you feeling?"


Soon other river creatures heard the news of King Frog's lost crown so they made a lot of copies of pictures of the crown. They stapled them where there was no water.

One day a bad guy saw one of the pictures of the crown. The bad guy wanted the crown because it sparkled and shined. He wore a black mask, black jacket, black shirt, black pants, black thick gloves and black shoes. A thick bumpy mask covered his face.

The flyer said, "KING'S CROWN MISSING." The bad guy looked at the word “KING.” He thought that if he wore the king’s crown he would turn into a rich king! The bad guy went everywhere to find the crown. A few seconds later, he heard something tinkling and he saw something shining on the ground. The bad guy went closer and closer and then he really did find the crown! But before he could reach it, a cop came and said, "Hey! You go in the cop car right now."

The bad guy said, "B-b-b- but I found the crown."

The cop said, "No buts allowed."

The bad guy hopped into the cop car sadly. The cop’s partner took the crown.

King Frog could not sleep that night. He turned sad, mad, madder then FURIOUS. He shouted out, "WHERE IS MY CROWNNNN?"

The tadpoles swam up the river to talk to the King.

The tadpoles said," WHY DID YOU SCREAM SO LOOUDDDD?"
The king said, "You don’t dare talk to me like that!!!"

All the river creatures kept on arguing and arguing. When the cop heard the noise, he handed the crown to the king and said, "Is this your crown?"

The king said, "YES! YES! That is my crown!!!" Frog took his crown and swam down stairs that led him to a ballroom then he danced.

About the Author

Hi! My name is San and I live with my mom and dad in San Francisco. I like to swim at Presidio YMCA. I am good at drawing. My friends are good at field hockey so I want to be better too. I want to be an artist when I grow up. I can’t swim and play kickball really good like other kids. If I were a planet, I would be Mars because I like its color. My wish is to swim all day!! The King Who Lost His Crown is my first published book.

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