Friday, September 18, 2009

My Name by Lisa, age 9

I was born on February 7, 2000. My mom named me Lisa and it means “god’s promise,” and I imagine the promise was about being good. After I was born, my mom asked the doctor what she should name me and the doctor asked my mom if she liked the name Lisa and she said yes. I like the name Lisa because it represents God and I trust in God. Before I knew the meaning of my name, I liked it because it’s short to say and it’s on all the important papers about me like my birth certificate. It’s my official name. My Chinese name is Hong May Yee. My mom chose this name and it means “beautiful son” even though I’m a daughter. This is a name in China that people name their daughters if they want to have a son next, but that wasn’t the reason my mom chose this name. My mom chose it because she thought it was a simple, cute name and has the word beautiful in it in Chinese. The name Hong May Yee is special to me because it’s similar to my sister’s name.

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