Friday, April 24, 2009

The Green Bone by Stanley, age 10

Lamara flew to Greenland. He saw signs that said THAT WAY, THIS WAY, BOTH WAYS, STOP WAY, and one said FREEWAY. He thought he was in a maze. He went north.

A pig jumped out from behind one of the signs and said, “I am the fat pig.”

Lamara hit the pig’s face and it melted. The boy found a green bone and it smelled like dirty underwear. When he got out of the maze, a pair of underwear with hands and legs appeared. The underwear cast a spell on Lamara: “Wam ma poma do-do boeey dmm goo-gooh, kjugiuygiiyrfgjk.”

The spell made him disappear from where he was. He felt shaky and dizzy and he threw up. He hit the ground. Trees oozed red sap. One-eyed maps flew around the trees. The maps smelled like rotten apples and cried, “Appa dah, appa dah, leeeee.”

A boy named Ham walked up to him and said, “Are you my friend?”

“Do you want to be my wife?” Lamara said.

Lamara felt something tap his back. It was his mom.

“Go to the Aswow King,” she said. “Tell him to unlock the fat spell that got me when I was cooking computers.”

Lamara went west. He found the Aswow King and said, “I will kill you if you don’t unlock this spell!”

The King clapped his feet to unlock the spell.

Lamara went home. Ham was inside the house but Lamara didn’t know why.

“I am your mom,” Ham said.

About the Author

I am Stanley. I am ten years old. I live in San Francisco and I like to go to the movies. I am good at math and science. Someday I want to be good at winning contests. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. If I were an animal I would be a tiger because they roar. My biggest fear is too many people in my house. I wonder if cats ever kill dogs. I am also the author of Monst Bump, The FF 200, My Grandma, Suxiang Chen and The Number Nine Bus.

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  1. Excellent story, and the artwork is just genius.