Monday, February 23, 2009

Future Wars 2: The Aliens' Revenge by Nathan & Edmund, both age 9

On Captain Nathan and Sergeant Edmund's last adventure their worst enemies were the aliens, but their missile car saved them. Now it is time for revenge.

At a temple far away, the alien king talked to his kingdom. The alien king was named Lulu. “Noooeerr,” yelled king Lulu. “Half our troops have been defeated. We must make our secret weapon.”

The aliens climbed into their mothership. “Next stop, Earth,” said Dr. Brains.

Back at the base, the town had a celebration because they won the war. “The aliens are back”! yelled Captain Nathan.

“Ha Ha Ha” yelled Dr. Brains, leader of the aliens. He was named Brains because his forehead was shaped like a spiky brain. “Behold, the mighty giant robot Dr. Brains. Now I will rule the world. Ha ha ha.”

“I don’t think so,” yelled Sergeant Edmund.

“That’s what you think,” said Dr. Brains. The robot shot its lasers.

“Aaaah!” yelled Captain Nathan. “O.K. now throw some pie at the robot.” The pie covered the robot’s windows.

“I can’t see,” said Dr. Brains.

“What do we do now?” said sergeant Edmund.

“Scream?” answered a soldier.

“Good idea,” said another soldier. “Aaaaaah.”

The others didn’t join him.

“You got to be joking,” said Captain Nathan. “Get me the Ultra Water Canon.” Captain Nathan pressed FIRE. KA-BOOM went the cannon. Water splashed everywhere. “I forgot that thing was three thousand years old.”

Electricity sparked all over the robot. “Uh oh,” said Dr. Brains. The robot exploded. “Noooooooooo!”

“Well that’s the end of that,” said a soldier.

“No, no it’s not the end,” yelled Dr. Brains. “There will be a Future Wars Three.” Then he looked up.

(Note : There will be a Future Wars 3 if you want one)

About the Authors

Hi, my name is Nathan. I live in San Francisco. I’m also the author of Random & Sparrow, My Dad, and Future Wars. I feel like I have one thousand brothers. I never get any fun. I don’t know how the dinosaurs got here. I still have bad dreams but I don’t get up and scream. I stay fast asleep.

Hi, my name is Edmund. This is my second published book. I’m also the author of Future Wars. I like to watch TV and play with my Wii. My biggest fear is bugs.

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