Monday, July 14, 2008

Hua Ying Mei by Tiana, age 10

My mom’s name is Hua Ying Mei. She was born in China on October 10, 1961. When she was a child her family was poor because they had no money. Her parents were really nice because they took care of her and gave her clothes and food. She lived in a city called Toi San. My mom had to walk for transportation because she didn’t have a car or a bike. When she was small she played jump rope with her friends. She had two brothers and two sisters. She ate rice, vegetables, fish and meat. She went to a school with a big field filled with a lot of flowers.

My mom came to San Francisco on January 21, 1991. Hua Ying Mei thought that when she got here it would be fun. She also came here to get more money. Now she is having fun and she has more money. Her first day in San Francisco, she thought the place was beautiful because there were lots of trees and people were nice to her.

My mom’s hobby is sewing clothes for me and my sisters like shirts and jackets. When she was little she sewed too, so she's used to it. Her job is working in a sewing factory. She hates sewing the edges of the clothes together. She likes sewing the middle parts together.

About the Author

Hi my name is Tiana. My mom teaches me to speak and write Chinese. The hardest part of this project was asking my mom follow-up questions because I kept forgetting. The most interesting part of this project was learning about my mom. I turned ten this year. My favorite hobby is ice-skating. This is my third published story. The first story I wrote was "When I was Lost," and my other was "I Hate My Life with You."

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